How near infrared optical fiber spectrometer and could detect associated

by:FOT     2020-07-01
How near infrared fiber optic equipment spectrometer and could detect when it comes to the near infrared spectral analysis, zui important is gathering near infrared fiber optic equipment spectrometer. Instrument design is a complicated work, the inside of the key parts, there are three main light source, optical devices and between light source and sensor spectral components. So the near infrared light source must be a continuous spectrum of fiber optic equipment spectrometer, within the scope of the near infrared wavelengths of light energy as smooth as possible. So the semiconductor light-emitting device can not be used, because it is spectral range is too narrow, can only use zui traditional electric light source, such as tungsten lamp, halogen lamp and so on. The traditional qualitative detection method is relatively backward and time-consuming, laborious inspection process can cause drug consumption and waste liquid. Against on the analysis of the application of near infrared optical fiber spectrometer has the characteristics of rapid, accurate, free from contamination, proposed based on the high temperature could three indicators: moisture, starch and the acidity of the near infrared model, is used to replace the manual testing, to achieve the purpose of rapid detection. Near-infrared light refers to between the infrared spectrum of the visible spectrum area to the area between the wavelength - in 780 2526 nm range of electromagnetic waves, the spectral information is from the molecular internal vibration frequency doubling of absorption and frequency absorption. Within the scope of the near infrared spectrum, measure the X - mostly hydrogen group H( X = C, N, O, S, etc. ) Vibration frequency doubling and frequency absorption. Near infrared spectroscopy ( NIRS) As a physical test technology, is fast, lossless, composition and analysis, the analysis process more pollution-free, analysis results, high reproducibility, has become an important tool of modern analytical techniques. At present, the near infrared technology has been mature used in food, medicine, chemical products, etc. In the application of the domestic industry is mainly used in food, fermented grains and the analysis of the related components content in base liquor. The near infrared spectroscopy in curved qualitative detection has not been developed and applied. Could produce needs certain fermentation period, inconvenience fermentation process control, therefore could chemical composition analysis for the koji making production plays an important role. By using near infrared technology such as the moisture content, acidity and starch in quick analysis could indicators to guide the production, to create a good material for fermentation microorganisms activity environment. The traditional could detect method is relatively backward and time-consuming, laborious inspection process can cause drug consumption and waste liquid. Near infrared optical fiber spectrometer analysis has the following characteristics: 1. The operation is simple; 2. Analysis of fast, suitable for mass repeat tests; 3. Testing process without use of chemical reagents, non-polluting; 4. The sample can be repeated use; 5. Can be used in the line, on-line detection. This study used the near infrared spectroscopy combined with partial zui small squares, set up and optimize the high temperatures could moisture content, acidity and starch in three index prediction model, and through the internal inspection and external validation set to verify the prediction model prediction ability, for the purpose of quality monitoring and analysis of high temperature could in research established a kind of accurate, timely and test methods.
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