How much is a fiber optic cable gasoline tractor?

by:FOT     2020-11-03
Municipal, telecommunications and other companies often must carry on the buried pipeline construction wiring, in the process of the traditional fiber optic equipment cable and cable construction difficulty is high, the tight, inevitably will use a lot of manpower, and time limit for a project long; My company to science and technology as productivity, the development of effective time cable tractors, after listing, solve the problem of cable construction. Cable tractors one machine, can save three or four artificial, work efficiency can be doubled. How much is a fiber optic cable tractors? Rope tractor now has two kinds, one kind is the gearbox transmission system, a hydraulic system. Transmission type are generally cheaper, from four thousand to six thousand. Hydraulic system of the optical cable tractors generally will be a little bit more expensive, but the quality is relatively better, more resistant to build, use up more fuel efficient, using the experience better. Recommend communication technology co. , LTD. Production of optical cable tractors, performance is very good really, press the keypad shift, electric start, and the quality is very mature and stable, units are generally like to use the cable tractors, although your point but works. Machine operation is simple, the size of the cable, and cable, increase the speed of fiber cloth, to ensure the rapid construction at the same time, saving labor costs. The cable tractor is suitable for the cable buried pipeline construction. In the process of the construction machine always flat cable.
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