How many stars are there in your kit?

by:FOT     2020-07-16
How many stars are there in your kit? For use of DSX CableAnalyzer series certification test instrument for copper equipment certification, we have talked a lot, but having the right copper installation tools and technical personnel is the basis of the successful deployment of voice, video and data. Provide all kinds of copper and fiber optic installation tools, designed to simplify the work and improve efficiency, let's take a look through online scoring at occupy the top five best-selling commonly used copper installation tools. 1. Socket wrench Can Wrenches - — 4. Seven star our socket wrench is the base of the phone booth and public telephone perfect general tool, it may not be you more brilliant tool kit, but got 4 on the Internet. Seven star high praise, the comments of the 'handling network business without the tool, the day will be very annoyed,' it is definitely worth on the list. This kind of socket wrench has two kinds of color coding hex socket ( 7/16 of an inch, and 3/8 of an inch) , the smaller diameter, apply to all new network interface equipment, and can ensure that the sleeve side force will not disperse or decomposed, which can realize 45 ft. LBS of greater torque. The socket wrench in the sleeve also built-in stripping pliers, a jaw for outer sheath, another jaw to 22 AWG or 24 AWG wire. 2. D - cable scissors 剪™。 — 4. 5 stars more popular one of the commonly used technical tool, D - Snips cable scissors, can more quickly cut and stripping cable. D - high quality Snips adopts steel structure, accord with human body engineering design, use half of the power can reach 1 to 1. 5 times of cutting force, cutting 16 AWG solid cable or 12 AWG standard cable, with tooth edge blade, 19 AWG and 23 AWG cable stripping. It is no wonder that it can get four. 5 star high praise, online buyers evaluation, said: 'no matter what type of low voltage work you do, should have the tool. 'This is why online buyers XiaoDeng want to lock it up, because his colleagues tried to see the' stolen '. 3. Play knife JackRapid ™ - — 4. 4 star since it was introduced more than a decade ago, the patents JackRapid ™ clamping tool with a simple squeeze, can be in place at a time and cable termination eight root, save time and improve accuracy, ensure consistent high quality termination. Built-in blade for resectable spare parts, need for a second clip. Its easy one-handed operation design has great appeal to the buyers. According to one commenter, it can perfect work every time, save a lot of labor, very suitable for standing on high or when any embarrassing position. But be careful! You certainly don't want to buyer the pony, he closer to very sad, because someone stole from his work truck he thought better clamping tools. The pony was sympathetic, children's shoes. 4. D914 ™ series impact pliers - — 4. 1 star D914 series impact for line clamp is the only one in the industry to torque and impact together the impact of pliers, a shock can be realized high quality termination. It is equipped with a built-in hook, used for demolition of termination cable or help track cable; Also comes with a pick line, used to remove the cross connection module from the mounting bracket. Blade replacement is rapid, simple, automatic spring handle storage has the additional blade, can provide 24/26 AWG cable needed low impact or 22 AWG cable for high impact, so its no doubt is considered to be the global impact lineup clamp the DE facto standard. Just ask the classmates, he gave it 5 stars on the net, think it is better to impact pliers. He praised the tool 'very good'. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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