Hirschmann switches for optical fiber Ethernet

by:FOT     2020-07-04

hersman hirschmann switches for optical fiber Ethernet switches used in the Chinese market a lot now, hirschmann switches the advisory order. Germany JianCheng hersman glorious historical development: 1984 at the university of Stuttgart in Germany built the world * fiber optic equipment Ethernet, launched in 1990, and in the world * a redundant Ethernet ring ( HIPER - 环) 。 Hersman provides a complete and comprehensive applicable in industrial environment and office environment data communication system, the products range from gigabit Ethernet, fast Ethernet and Ethernet products, to the fieldbus system, as well as actuators and sensors used by ASI connector, these products information widely, the main applications include office communication, production automation, process control, traffic control, machinery and equipment control system, and independent.

hirschmann switches for optical fiber Ethernet hirschmann switch Ethernet switch, also known as switching hubs, hirschmann switches is to simplify ( Typical) Bridge, hirschmann switches are commonly used to interconnect lans of the same type ( For example: Ethernet/Ethernet interconnection) 。 Switches, and Bridges of different is that more switch port; Switches the data transmission efficiency is higher. Ethernet switch using store-and-forward ( 商店- - - - - - 向前) Technical or pass-through ( 切, 通过) Technology to realize the information frame forwarding. Cut-through switching: when receiving a frame of the destination address ( MAC address) Decision immediately after the purpose of forwarding port and start forwarding, without waiting for receives a frame forwarding again after all the bytes. Relative store-and-forward technology, reduces the transmission delay, but can't check in the process of transmission, can also pass the broadcast storm. All switch ports are articulated in the bus, when control circuit receives packets processing port looks for in memory in order to determine the destination MAC address table ( Network adapter hardware address) 吗? NIC ( Card) Articulated in which port, through internal exchange matrix quickly to send the packet to the destination port. If the destination MAC does not exist, switch to broadcast to all ports, switches after receiving port to respond? Will & other; Learning & throughout; The new address, and put it in the internal address table. Switches in receive a card sending & other; Letters & throughout; , according to the above address information, and their mastery of the & other; Permanent residents booklet & throughout; Quick to send letters to the hands of the receiver. One thousand closed? Trusting of address is not & other; Residence booklet & throughout; On the switch can like hubs distributed to all the people in the letter, and then find the recipient. And find the recipient, exchange opportunities immediately register information of the person to & other; Door? Mouth book & throughout; So later for the customer service, can quickly send letters to. Hirschmann switches for optical fiber Ethernet more brands are favorable,! Baode BURKERT advantage of the following brands are: Germany, the German HAWE Harvey, Germany REXROTH REXROTH, Germany HYDAC dh, Germany PILZ peel, relay, Germany FESTO Mr Stowe, Germany IFM Yi Fu door sensors, Germany E + H Enders house. Germany HEIDENHAIN Hyde han, Germany P + F pepperl + fuchs sensor, Germany ShiKe SICK, Germany TURCK tucker, Germany HIRSCHMANN HIRSCHMANN industrial switches. Germany heng le, Germany MURR Moore, Germany Michael SCHMERSAL, Germany SAMSON SAMSON, Germany EPRO Emerson divisions. American MOOG Robert, the United States ASCO solenoid valve, MAC solenoid valve in the United States, the United States NUMATICS Newman's, the United States PARKER, PARKER pneumatic hydraulic, American VICKERS, helwig, ROSS in the United States, the United States in sea NORGREN crown. The danisco DYNISCO Italy OMAL omar, Italian ATOS ATOS, Italian CAMOZZI. Italian UNIVER, Italy kang. Japan SMC, Japan CKD xi, Japan YUKEN oil inquiry, Japan NACHI NACHI, kuroda, Japan TOYOOKI TOYOOKI, Japan DAIKIN hydraulic DAIKIN, Japan east beauty machine.

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