High precision optical fiber gyroscope inclinometer high precision and good stability

by:FOT     2020-07-08

high precision fiber optic gyro inclinometer models: CJDZ - TL- 50 f the article number: ZH1491 one, USES relying on decades of research and production of gyroscopic inclinometer rich experience, all previous dynasties gyro mechanical framework, electronic solid-state gyro, dynamically tuned gyro strengths of these afflictions, after three years of careful research, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, will zui has the advantages of fiber-optic gyroscope in the space military technology into the field of geological science and technology, make the product key features such as stability, drift, repeatability and accuracy, service life and other indicators reached the height of all previous dynasties gyro dust, at the same time gives the practicability of gyroscopic inclinometer comprehensive promotion, has occupied the commanding heights of the gyroscopic survey technology. 1, both dynamically tuned gyro, with the advantages of electronic solid-state gyro, mechanical framework gyroscope 2, high precision, good stability, strong shock resistance 4, there is no need to to zero, saving time and effort, easy to use 5, long service life, 6, the handler is superior, the good operability, suitable for 7, with the construction requirements, borehole survey data tables, drilling, section plane, lateral projection and space trajectory figure everything, main technical parameters of 1, 2. Range of parameter and error apex Angle measurement range: 0 - 50° Measurement error: & plusmn; 0. 1° Azimuth Angle measurement range: 0 - 360° Measurement error: & plusmn; 2. 0° Drift: 0. 3° /h2. Measurement test tube: & Phi; 50× Measuring depth: & lt; 1500

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