High-energy fiber optic light in developing reflects the advantage

by:FOT     2020-06-25
High-energy fiber lamp consists of light source, reflector, color filter and . The is the main body in high-energy fiber lamp, optical transmission or launch to reserve. fiber optic equipment can be divided into the shine and shine. To the endpoint, the former is the beam through the rear lights lighting, which itself is light, the formation of a flexible beam lamp is mainly used in hotels, cafes, bars, KTV, DISCO, lighting, water safety lighting for the protection of cultural relics and other places of entertainment, leisure. The advantages of high-energy fiber lamp basically has the following points: ( 1) A single light source can have multiple luminescence characteristics consistent markers at the same time, convenient to use in the wide area; ( 2) Light source, convenient replacement, and convenient maintenance; ( 3) Long service life, can take up to twenty years; ( 4) Due to the high-energy fiber is light through the transmission, so the wavelength of light sources is filtered, this feature also makes the fiber optic lamp lighting for goods damage smaller; ( 5) Optical fiber can be made very small size, light also can be placed in some containers, so can create different adornment effect; ( 6) Fiber optic lights are not affected by electromagnetic interference, in the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) room. The place such as radar control room can use, is the lighting of the other doesn't; ( 7) Fiber optic light of light and electricity is separation, so in the process of use is more safe. Also because of the security of the fiber optic light, fiber optic light is often used in some such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas, and other fields; ( 8) The fiber optic light heat source can be separated, in order to reduce the burden of the air conditioning system; ( 9) Optical fiber transmission can be soft. General lighting light on changing the direction of the light can only use a variety of shielding design, and fiber optic light in terms of lighting, due to the use of is the transmission, so you can simply change the direction of light, and more conducive to household to design; ( 10) Fiber optic light light color is rich, and even can change the light color, use a color filter design, can change the color of the light source, is one of the distinctive characteristics of the fiber optic lamp.
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