HBM FS62 working principle of optical fiber sensor and advantage

by:FOT     2020-07-03

dongguan buffett automation equipment co. , LTD. , in 2018 officially became the German HBM distributor, we are committed to: all products in our purchasing false a compensate ten, the goods time have advantages than domestic how a, a lot of inventory. Please welcome Xie Gong introduce you to the German HBM FS62 working principle and advantages of fiber optic sensor. Xie Gong 18002770694, as the 2818971985. German HBM FS62 the basic working principle of fiber optic equipment sensor is to light from the light source signal through optical fiber to the modulator, the parameters under test and after entering modulation OuDeGuang interaction, leads to the optical properties of the light ( As the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization, etc. ) Change, become a modulated signal source, after a fiber into light detector, after demodulation, obtain the parameter being measured. German HBM FS62 fiber optic sensor has undeniable advantages, such as high fatigue limit, multiplexing and against electromagnetic interference and so on. HBM FiberSensing series optical fiber ( 光纤光栅) Sensor and strain gauge is the ideal choice of the testing and monitoring applications. HBM FiberSensing provides two types of the optical fiber sensor based on Bragg grating principle: FS Line includes a variety of types, suitable for use in a large network. Even if a few kilometers of optical fiber connection, and will not affect the sensor signal. The OP Line fiber optic strain gauge has excellent bending performance, suitable for high strain measurement. German HBM FS62 advantage of optical fiber grating sensor technology: reduce the installation cost reduce the wiring cost, because single fiber can accommodate multiple optical fiber sensors. Measuring chain can be adjusted independently and configuration, suitable for your needs reliable measuring results, even under the harsh environment for stress and fatigue test, can be used in high strain and high load cycle materials even under the harsh environment also can get high precision of testing results or even in long distance transmission distance and reliable data cable length almost have no effect on the result of the test points even though the dozens of kilometers away, also can obtain high quality measurement sensor size is small, light weight can be installed within the very narrow space with different models, to meet a wide range of applications, such as laboratory, concrete and outdoor, etc. German HBM FS62 measuring principle of optical fiber sensor, there are two kinds. ( 1) Property type optical fiber sensor principle, the German HBM FS62 property type optical fiber sensor is the use of fiber optic sensitivity to the environment changes, the input quantity transform for the modulation of optical signal. Its working principle is based on fiber optic light modulation effect of the fiber in the external environment factors, such as temperature, pressure, electric field, magnetic field, and so on change, its optical characteristics, such as phase and intensity, the phenomenon of change. Therefore, if we can measure by the light of the optical fiber phase, the light intensity change, you can know the change of physical quantity being measured. This kind of sensor is also known as sensitive element type or functional fiber optic sensor. Laser point light beam spread for parallel wave, the beam splitter can be divided into two road, a benchmark for optical path, the other for measuring light path. The parameters ( Temperature, pressure, vibration, etc. ) Cause the change of fiber length and phase of light phase change, resulting in a different number of interference fringes, counting on its mode to mobile can be measured, such as temperature or pressure. ( 2) Structural principle of optical fiber sensor, the German HBM FS62 structured optical fiber sensor is made up of optical detecting element ( Sensitive element) With fiber optic equipment transmission circuit and measurement circuit of measuring system. The optical fiber as transmission medium of light only, so also known as the light type or non functional fiber optic sensor.

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