Handheld OTDR can satisfy all of short fiber OTDR test requirements

by:FOT     2020-06-30

a handheld OTDR can satisfy all of the short fiber OTDR test requirements, its event blind area and dynamic range, there are three a variety of models to choose from, better able to meet your specific OTDR test requirements. Combined with the visual fault location, can guarantee fiber fault detection of the distance.

s application

& Oslash; Open access network cable and maintenance

& Oslash; LAN to open and maintain

& Oslash; MDRTX opening and maintenance

& Oslash; Cable television network opening and maintenance

& Oslash; The opening of the special optical network and the maintenance

s, quick and easy to use - Powerful is suitable for field application of the optical time domain reflectometer

a quick test:

boot: independent development of OTDR can realize that is open, namely without waiting for

measurement: smart one key operation

event table: intelligent analysis software according to user requirements listed cable fault point, benchmarking and event table linkage, convenient users quickly locate fault

benchmarking operation: convenient shortcut key users fast moving, benchmarking trace scaling, focusing on the user concerns

real-time testing:

effective real-time measurement, can be more intuitive to see the curve of the test, to facilitate quick understanding test situation; Suitable for a large number of fiber optic equipment browse type test, to help users to improve the work efficiency;

intelligent trace analysis

OTDR embedded intelligent trace analysis module can fast accurate analysis of the test curve point, fault point and the location information of events, and in the form of the event table shows that users need to understand complicated professional knowledge can treat cable condition be clear at a glance, especially for the line maintenance personnel. If users are not satisfied with the event table, can reset the analysis parameters of the measured trace analysis again.

online optical signal detection

for the optical fiber communication optical signal is contained in, not only affect the OTDR test result, and the instrument inside the APD cause irreversible damage. OTDR is able to automatically detect whether the optical fiber contains communication optical signal under test. When the instrument detection test in the fiber optical signal will automatically prompt with communication, and provide quick and timely protection of instruments.

a friendly user interface

OTDR user interface is concise and lively, big window trace display, the event table clear and detailed test parameters be clear at a glance, with unique design of the keys to quickly trace, browse.

button design

OTDR unique button design, no special training, enables users to quickly and easily operation.

s convenient function of VLS

with the help of a visual fault (red VLS) Functions can be very convenient and quickly found short fiber link break or big loss point position, so that maintenance personnel to take timely measures to save time.

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