Guard rail handed over to the 'talent' - trend Fluke networks tester

by:FOT     2020-07-14
Every day in the busy subway army, crazy, have you have me, when we enjoy the advantages of the subway, can the thought, who is the silent guard our travel security? A master - — City rail network testing and maintenance personnel, run a line with his equipment is his daily duties. On-orbit delivery network operation, in his opinion, 'strike', must be accurate to find the problem, in the shortest time troubleshooting, to minimize the rail operation paralysis, and even the occurrence of safety accidents, reduce the passenger's travel problems. But there is a light red heart is obviously not enough, is the so-called 'good horse' also need to match 'good saddle', as there have been a fluke network testing, certification, troubleshooting tools, zhang teacher work more smoothly. Fluke networks tester testing speed, high precision, visual result, and the operation is very easy to learn and easy to use, in cable detection. Critical to find 'crop', for example, when the network is not good, is a problem in which wire cable? Where is broken one meter? After the fiber laying out, how long the fiber optic equipment, transmission attenuation have how old? If there is a breakpoint or loss, whether in where? In the rail network in the possible problems, whether cable short circuit, to dig into, data packet loss or delay, even in the fiber link has multiple join points or more melting point, it doesn't matter, can easily cope with fluke networks tester, quickly and accurately locate the fault reasons and the specific position, will also give a fine result analysis, save the maintenance time. You may ask, to complete such a complex diagnosis, operation will be more complicated? 不! In this era of universal touch, young and old will be holding a smartphone good operation, fluke also took the habit that extends to cable testing field. Fluke networks tester with intuitive indicative touchscreen interface, use your fingers, amplification, narrow or rotate, follow the steps small animation or graphics prompt operation step by step, can accurate to complete the test leads. Even no experience or not familiar with the operation of the optical fiber, also can be at ease use, it is very easy, pay enterprise therefore rail section can also save a lot of training costs! Free conversion 'talent' as well as the trend of intelligent human-machine interface is simple and convenient, Versiv cable certification test system can also free easy 'transformation', absolute can calculate the test leads the tide 'talent'. With optical fiber is more widely used, the rail network is also appear light copper integration, Versiv cable certification test system modular design become the intimate good helper. Need different instruments and the frequent replacement of a man's hand, now a teacher a person, only need to carry a device, by changing the corresponding module, cable and fiber optic equipment test can free conversion, easily calm, significantly improve the detection efficiency. And Versiv cable certification test system also greatly improve the speed of test, the same work, as long as fewer employees can accurately completed. When a test team to test and to complete a task, use Versiv system, through the module of roaming and instrumentation of roaming complete test and submit the data, after the summary report directly issue a unified, is, of course, save time and effort, the overall operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. Master guard glows when rail construction in China the earth thriving rolled out, Versiv cable certification test system has a bigger place, peremptory incarnate the guard, handed over to the complete information, to safeguard rail connected. Members of the family of Versiv cable certification test system is numerous, twisted pair, coaxial cable tester DSX5000 series, fiber optic CFP and OFP series are the specialist, completely for on-demand to choose. On-orbit network fault line, or in the construction and maintenance of on-orbit delivery vehicle detection, Versiv system to work, in the car, rafer alston and bombardier these 'big shots' are the preferred. At the scene of the new line construction engineering inspection and acceptance, Versiv system also. It will all the gb standard cable and LAN, and cable manufacturers, customization and production standards of all into a bag, to help choose the quality and acceptance of cable involved, strictly control from the source. When you travel, happy, and you did not pay attention to in more places, Versiv my security system are silent guard you!
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