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by:FOT     2020-06-27

fiber found disabled apparatus JW3304N

product model: JW3304N

application: fiber optic equipment CATV engineering, fiber optic equipment communication engineering, optical fiber sensing

JW3304N optical instrument, find the breakpoint test accurately, help you in the field of optical fiber network installation, operation and maintenance work. Small zui, zui portable rapid detection of the whole line breakpoint detection ( 0~60km) Automatic voltage control, automatic adjustment of pulse width are suitable for all kinds of different environment detection performance, reliable and reproducible one-click operation, no complicated Settings, test results is integrated visual fault location system, convenient detection blind area within the optical fiber fault location using membrane keyboards, has good dustproof, waterproof, shockproof performance, suitable for field maintenance operations using 3 section 5 alkaline batteries, long working hours, convenient change, suitable for field operation for a long time

instrument type



1550 & plusmn; 20 nm LD

fiber type

9/125 um single-mode fiber

joint type


sensor type


zui large display distance

reflection events

60 km ( ≥ 1. 0分贝)

the reflection events

20 km ( ≥ 2. 5 db)

the reflection events blind area

15 m

pulse width

the artery width

distance accuracy ( Reflection events)

± ( 2m +2*10( - - - - - - 4) * distance)

power supply

3 section 1. 5 v AA alkaline batteries

the battery working time

& ge; Measuring 5000


operation: - 5 ~ 40 ℃, storage: - 10 ~ 60 ℃


(0 ~ 85% No condensation)

weight ( g)




standard configuration: user manual, product warranty card, certificate, 3 section 1. 5 v AA batteries, clean cotton swabs, desiccant

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