God see digital optical fiber sensor, depending on FX - The 410 series special supply

by:FOT     2020-06-30

god see digital optical fiber sensor, depending on the FX - god Series 410,

features: simply & other; See & throughout; And & other Rotating & throughout; Simple fiber optic equipment sensor

god see digital fiber optic equipment sensor, depending on the FX - god The 410 series

under the bad environment can also play a super power. Get a substantial increase in the energies of the beams ( Red LED type) Get a substantial increase in the energies of the beams. In dusty strengthened under the conditions of detection, detection distance has increased dramatically. Can completely under the environment of a variety of Settings. Long-term & middot; Short-term stability type red leds in the equipment to ensure long-term stability for light & other; 4 elements cast light diodes & throughout; Based on the new power supply can be improved through stability such as & when other The APC circuit & throughout; 。 Compared with the original model, the stability are improved greatly. Equipped with three kinds of color ( Red & middot; Blue & middot; Green) Leds can be used to choose according to use. The construction of sex & middot; Maintenance ( Connection shape) Connection shape is used in the digital fiber optic equipment sensor FX - 300 series of single touching of the cable. It can be used mixed with laser sensor, thereby saving the power cord.

for its simple, ease of use

at the same time, according to the quantity of light and basic value need operation can be confirmed at the same time into the basic value and quantity of the light. In addition, also need not when adjustment into the complex patterns. Large unlimited regulator ( The new proposal) Both in precision screwdriver and average size of the screwdriver can operate. In addition, because is unlimited structure, there is no need to worry about the damage caused by excessive rotation. Simple button design benchmark regulator and switch adopts large scale design. Its operation is similar to general photoelectric sensor operation. Don't use often function by not obvious place to set the switch to operate. Can be manual rotation of FX - 412 ( The new proposal) By using fingertips gripping, rotating controller directly, and don't have to use a screwdriver. It is equipped with R. 年代。 年代。 Does regulator, can set with the mental Rotation Speed Sensitivity

god see digital optical fiber sensor, depending on the FX - god The 410 series, sunx

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