Glenn ODX202P0007 WENGLOR optical fiber sensor technology, data

by:FOT     2020-07-02
Wei he WENGLOR fiber optic sensor ODX202P0007

technical data gateway zeigler WENGLOR sensor is specifically for plastic and glass fiber. Can not only realize reflection patterns can also realize the grating patterns. fiber optic equipment sensor to analyze objects reflected light. When the object reaches the set range ( Reflection mode) Or activate the light beam is interrupted ( Grating pattern) , the output switch. The bright object's ability to reflect light is stronger than dim, so recognition distance is longer. In the grating patterns, the colour of the object has no effect on scope.

ODX202P0007 technical parameters are as follows: external potentiometer teach buttons, wide screen detection and teaching effect can be either reflection mode, can also be transparent grating pattern recognition object can transfer wenglor cable on the sensors. Simple operation in dharma realized sensor precision Settings, in this way, even the transparent object can also be reliable in grating pattern recognition. Through the external teaching automatically adjust the detection range for each application. Equipment can be easily installed in the DIN standard orbit. Optical data switching hysteresis & lt; The service life of the light type red light wavelength of 660 nm (15% Tu = +25 ° C) 100000 h 10000 Lux of large zui allow external light electric Glenn ODX202P0007 WENGLOR sensor technology, data voltage 10. 。 。 30 V DC current consumption ( 乌兰巴托= 24 V) < 40 mA 250 & micro 2 kHz switching frequency response time; S suction/tripping time delay 0. 。 。 200 ms temperature deviation & lt; Temperature range - 10% 25. 。 。 60 ° C switch output pressure drop & lt; 2,5 V 切换输出端切换电流 200 mA 抗短路 是 反极性保护 是 防过载 是 示教模式 NT,MT,ZT,DT,TP 防护类别 III 机械数据 调整方式 示教屏 外壳材料 塑料 全铸型 是 防护等级 IP65 接口类型 M8 × 1; 4 needle DIN rail fixed 35 mm output function programmable PNP/NPN/push-pull is normally closed switch/normally open contacts are

wei Glenn ODX202P0007 WENGLOR sensor technology, data

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