Glazing Feng Yan: fiber laser wavelength expansion and application

by:FOT     2020-07-11
Glazing Feng Yan: fiber laser wavelength Feng Yan by the development and application of glazing: fiber laser wavelength development and application of

at present, the object of laser processing in the face of more and more widely. At the same time, because of the fiber laser on the technology of breakthrough unceasingly, makes the laser technology in various fields and further enhance the application of space. Fiber laser has the advantages of relatively simple structure, low threshold, the cooling performance is good, high photoelectric conversion effect and good beam quality, etc. Make it provides excellent laser solutions to many industry, in today's automobile manufacturing, metal processing, electronics manufacturing, shipbuilding, printing and packaging, medical and other fields are widely used.

the absorptance of laser is due to the different materials is closely related to the wavelength, so the influence of the wavelength of laser machining process is very large. To the metal, the average surface light absorption decreases with the increase of the wavelength. In addition, the laser wavelength and the degree of the focused laser beam, the shorter the wavelength, the more focus. And fiber laser wavelengths expand processing, make it more adapted to the different material is particularly important for popularization of fiber laser applications.

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