Germany SICK fiber amplifier selection information

by:FOT     2020-07-01

Germany SICK fiber amplifier selection data

fiber amplifier to install more flexible, because fiber amplifier can be installed far away from the location of the measuring point. Especially suitable for installation in a variety of not easy installation location.

WLL170 - 2 fiber amplifier features specifications 250 us response time, high speed type 50 us, zui big match may diffuse optical fiber for high speed detection of 0 mm to 160 mm, with complete correlation optical fiber of 0 ~ 4 m, contains red light/infrared light/green light source/learning/manual type external regulation speed sensitivity ( 10,000Hz) Self-learning function, can external control signal, debugging is simple rapid

provide switch quantity ( NPN/PNP) Output type/analog output type ( 1 ~ 5 v) WLL170- 2 type optical fiber photoelectric switch, independent model and without digital display, complete series

standard response time for 250 us meet customers' different demand, high speed type 50 us high-speed object detection and location of the process of self-learning function, can be an external signal control debugging is simple, rapid use

WLL170 - 2 type optical fiber photoelectric switch is a typical application example: in the process of automobile spare parts manufacturing, rapid and reliable testing small auto parts

Germany SICK fiber amplifier selection data

WLL180T fiber amplifier features specifications global industry zui fast response time, 16µ s) And the switching frequency can reach 31. 2 KHZ, zui big match may diffuse fiber optic equipment for high speed detection of 0 mm to 480 mm, correlation optical fiber is 0 ~ 20 m high signal resolution, can be used for detection of transparent objects

switch point automatically adjust ( ASC) Ensure real-time under the condition of the optical fiber head of pollution can also be reliable detection of transparent objects will be mutual interference function means that even if the optical head close to the installation, not 'crosstalk' 2 x4 digital display, clear numerical display light intensity value and actual value, easy to monitor and debug can bus type series connection, set for the remote control and provide a reliable choice, and save installation space WLL180T zui big degree, fast response speed zui type fiber optic equipment in the world photoelectric switch

zui quick response time to 16 & mu; S detection range zui to 20 m adjustable hysteresis of eight times larger anti-interference programmable timer can turn 180 degrees, according to the installation in any position can be clearly observed independent work mode, or bus mode ( Zui more than 16 sensors can be connected) The object of high reliable detection of the photometric

WLL180T type optical fiber photoelectric switch advantage:

simple debugging high-speed reliable test

in the environment of the dust or mist has high reliability bus work mode to save the cost of a variety of fiber optic cable wiring to choose from, the flexibility to adapt to various demands applications

Germany SICK fiber amplifier selection data

the semiconductor industry: such as detection of wire breakage, solar wafer electronic industry: such as tiny pin detection integrated circuit, detection circuit board such as subtle changes in the pharmaceutical industry, such as detection color scale, small tablets, location/counting assembly and processing line: such as piece, punch mark, parts such as robot: ( Long detection distance, small volume, good vibration resistance

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