Germany P + F pepperl + fuchs fiber optic sensor types and technical parameters of sell like hot cakes

by:FOT     2020-06-19

Germany p + F pepperl + fuchs fiber optic sensor for small objects detection as well as the special environment, provides the solution. fiber optic equipment amplifier and fiber, can be used in limited space, bad environment, as well as ordinary photoelectric sensor can't work normally high temperature environment. Optical fiber sensor has a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, from DIN rail installation type, to 18 mm cylindrical, type to the standard size limit switch and so on. At the same time, the sensor has a variety of electrical output mode, the digital display function, and a variety of for users to choose.

hot selling models: SU18 - 16/40a / 110/115/126aSU18/35/40a 110/115/123SU18 - 16/40a/102/115/126aSU18/35/40a/102/115/126aSU18- 40 / 110/115/126aSU18/35/40a 102/115/123SU18 - 40 / 110/115/123SU19/110/115/126aSU18 - 40 a / 102/115/126 asu19/110/115/123

pepperl + fuchs sensor technology parameters: the detection distance. 460毫米( KLR, 二氧化碳- - - - - - 2, 2 - 2, 0 - K146) Detection range: up to 1500 mm ( KLE - C01 - 2, 2 - 2, 0 - K116) Type of light source: LED light source type: modulated visible red light, the average failure time (640 - nm Days) : 690 a service life ( 。 。 。 Month. 。 。 Days) : 20 a diagnosis range: 0% working voltage: 10. 。 。 30 V DC output switch type: bright/dark, convertible

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