Germany IFM Yi Fu door sensors, IFM Yi Fu optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-07

Germany IFM Yi Fu door sensors, IFM Yi Fu fiber optic sensor door

product introduction:

fiber optic sensor and amplifier that the area is too small to install standard photoelectric sensor position should be using fiber optic equipment sensor. The advantages of the system: process monitor and optoelectronic components are separated from beam into and injection hole, so the induction of fiber optic sensor heads can be mounted to inaccessible location.

fiber amplifier fiber amplifier of transmitters and receivers in a shell. According to the different models, launchers firing infrared or red light. Fiber amplifier without lens, because the fiber optic sensor must be connected to it. 型号 矩形的


材料 金属


检测距离 至100 mm / 40 mm

至300 mm / 70 mm

至400 mm / 200 mm

至800 mm / 300 mm

至1000 mm / 175 mm

至1200 mm / 70 mm

至1800 mm / 70 mm

接口 电缆


特殊的性能 用于带塑料护套的光纤传感器


光纤传感器 光纤传感器作为光纤放大器光电元件的扩展产品。 According to the different scanning function is divided into correlation type and diffuse type. With glass fiber and metal shell of the fiber optic equipment sensor can be applied to high temperature range. High quality acrylic fiber optic sensor suitable for standard applications. 型号 圆柱形的







材料 金属



检测距离 至100 mm / 40 mm

至300 mm / 70 mm

至1000 mm / 175 mm

系统 对射式传感器


特殊的性能 卷轴上的丙烯酸光纤






德国品牌:德国FESTO气动元件,德国宝德BURKERT电磁阀, 德国海隆诺冠;

Japanese brands: Japan SMC pneumatic components of Japan CKD pneumatic components Japan koganei pneumatic components,

Italian brand: Italian UNIVER, lush ASCO solenoid valve in the United States, Italy kang.

2: industrial control products to supply the United States ASCO solenoid valve complete series

Germany brand: Germany PILZ relay, Germany IFM Yi Fu door sensors,

this del (German 弯曲机) Germany P + F pepperl + fuchs sensor, < / P> < P> TURCH figure, Germany, the German Hirschmann Hirschmann industrial switches;

3: hydraulic element

the NUMATICS Newman emperor, PARKER Lei PARKER pneumatic fluid pressure in the United States, the United States VICKERS, helwig, U. S. pat.

Germany HAWE Harvey Germany REXROTH REXROTH, Germany HYDAC dh, Germany E + H


Germany IFM Yi Fu door sensors, IFM Yi Fu fiber optic sensor door

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