German wei's characteristic of optic fiber photoelectric switch

by:FOT     2020-07-02

HYDAC dh fiber photoelectric switch using tested objects to block or reflection of the light beam, the processing circuit of synchronous circuit, to detect objects in the presence of. Because any metal objects, all can reflect light ( Or to light blocking effect) Objects can be tested.

HYDAC dh fiber photoelectric switch on the light glance distinguish opaque objects; Range is big, because the beam span induction distance of time only once; Susceptible to interference, which can be reliable and suitable to use in the field or dusty environment; Unit consumption is high, the two units must be laying cable.

diffuse type is when switch beam, diffuse target, transmitters and receivers constitute a single standard parts, returned to the receiver combination when there is enough light, switch state changes, range of typical values in general to 3 m. Features: the effective distance is determined by the target reflection ability, is determined by the target surface properties and color; Small assembly costs, when the switch is composed of a single component, usually can achieve coarse positioning; Using background suppression function adjust measuring distance; Sensitive to target the dust and sensitivity to the reflection performance of target has changed.

mirror reflection consists of transmitters and receivers is a standard configuration, the condition of the beam from the emitter was reflection in the mirror opposite, or return to the receiver, when the beam is interrupted a switch signal change. Light is twice the signal duration over time, the valid range is 0. 1 m to 20 m. Characteristics: identify opaque objects; Using mirror parts, forming a high effective distance range; Susceptible to interference, which can be reliable and suitable to use in the field or dusty environment.

groove photoelectric switch is usually standard U type structure, its transmitters and receivers are located on both sides of the u-shaped slot, and form an optical axis, when tested objects through a u-shaped slot and blocking optical axis, photoelectric switch creates the on-off signal is detected. Groove photoelectric switch is safe and reliable for detecting high speed changes, and distinguish the transparent and semi-transparent objects.

HYDAC dh fiber photoelectric switch is plastic or glass fiber optic sensor is used to guide the light, in order to realize the tested object detection are not in the similar area. Usually the fiber optic equipment sensor is divided into correlation type and diffuse type.

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