German Eltrotec ai tottenham grams of fiber is much higher than general cable trunk system of nonlinear distortion index

by:FOT     2020-07-03

Germany Eltrotec fiber is very thin, single mode fiber core diameter is commonly 4 um ~ 10 um, outer diameter and only 125 um, plus waterproof, reinforcement, jacket, etc. , with 4 ~ 48 consisting of a fiber optic cable diameter is less than 13 mm, 47 mm smaller than the diameter of the coaxial cable of the standard, combined with optical fiber is a glass fiber, the proportion of small, make it has the characteristics of small diameter, light weight, installation is very convenient.

Germany Eltrotec moxa tottenham g optical fiber is composed of two layers of refractive index of different glass. Lining for light filling, a few microns to a few microns in diameter, outer diameter of 0. 1 to 0. 2mm。 General glass inner core refractive index is larger than the outer glass to 1%. According to the refraction of light and the total reflection principle, when the light beam produced by the Angle of the inner core and outer interface is greater than the critical Angle of total reflection, the light through interface, however, total reflection.

Eltrotec fiber optic equipment transmission enlarge relay is generally not required, however, will not because the introduction of new nonlinear distortion. As long as the laser linear good, high-fidelity transmission of television signals. Practical test shows that good carrier of amplitude modulated fiber optic system combination beat three times than C/CTB above 70 db, make adjustment index cM above 60 db, also far higher than general cable trunk system of nonlinear distortion index.

we know that the reliability of a system related to the number of equipment of the system. Of the failure of equipment, the more the greater the opportunity. Because the equipment for fiber optic system contains fewer ( Unlike cable system, which needs dozens of amplifier) , thus, the reliability high, coupled with optical devices have a long service life, trouble-free working time of 500000 ~ 750000 hours, in which life zui short is the laser light transmitter, zui low life also in the more than 100000 hours. Therefore, a well designed job performance, correct installation of fiber optic system is very reliable.

in actual application, Eltrotec optical fiber and optical fiber connection, generally USES the hot melt of by and cold and two kinds of methods for the construction.

Germany Eltrotec g hot melt connection - ai tottenham - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Using optical fiber high voltage arc welding machine connect after two optical fibers to melt, this kind of method is commonly used in long distance communication early construction, but with the improvement of the national demand for speed and the optical fiber as the rise of the hot melt connection is also used for short distance optical fiber laying construction ( Such as broadband and fiber door, etc. ) , has become the international mainstream fiber construction method.

Germany Eltrotec moxa tottenham g connection - cold - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cold connection is relative to the hot melt connection, does not require high voltage arc discharge to melt fiber, while the use of optical fiber cold subgroups to connect optical fiber or optical communication of fiber optic equipment access to devices.

Eltrotec optical fiber for light propagation velocity in different material is different, so the light from a substance into another substance, in the interface of two kinds of material can produce refraction and reflection. Moreover, the Angle of refraction of light changes over the Angle of the incident light.

when the Angle of the incident light reach or exceed a certain Angle, the refracted light will disappear, all incident light is reflected back, this is the total reflection of light. Different substances on the same wavelength of light refraction Angle is different, Different materials have different light refractive index) , the same material with different wavelengths of light refraction Angle is also different. Eltrotec optical fiber communication is based on the above principle.

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