German bonner banner fiber optic sensor application and environmental analysis

by:FOT     2020-07-05

Germany bonner banner sensors in the sensitive, and adaptable, compact and intelligent direction. In this process, the sensor the sensor to the new members of the family. Optical fiber has many excellent properties, such as: resistance performance of electromagnetic and atomic radiation interference, diameter of fine, soft, light mechanical properties; Insulation, without induction electrical properties; Water resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant chemical properties, it can reach the place where (in man Such as high temperature) Or harmful to the people of the region ( Such as the radiation zone) , have the effect of human eyes and ears, and still can go beyond physical boundaries, receiving people feel less than the outside world of the senses.

applications: insulation in magnetic, sound, pressure, temperature, displacement, acceleration, gyroscope, liquid level, torque, light, sound, electric current, fiber optic sensor for displacement, vibration, rotation, pressure, bending, strain, velocity, acceleration, current, voltage, humidity, temperature, magnetic field, acoustic field, flow rate, concentration, PH value and strain measurements of physical properties. Fiber optic sensor application range is very wide, almost all important areas related to national economy and national defense and People's Daily life, especially can safely and effectively used in the bad environment, solved many industry over the years there has been a technical problem, has great market demand. Mainly manifested in the following aspects of application:

city construction, Bridges, DAMS, oil field and other interference of gyroscope and grating pressure sensor applications. Optical fiber sensors can be embedded in concrete, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and various kinds of composite materials, used to test the stress relaxation, construction stress and dynamic load stress, short-term construction stage to assess the bridge structure performance and long-term operating status.

in power system, the need to determine parameters such as temperature, current, such as the high voltage transformer and the detection of temperature in the large motor stator and rotor, etc. , due to the electric sensors are vulnerable to the interference of electromagnetic field, cannot be used on such occasions, can only use fiber optic sensor. Distributed temperature sensor is in recent years developed a kind of space used for real-time measurement of temperature field distribution of high and new technology, the distributed temperature sensor system not only has the advantages of fiber optic sensor generally, also has on each point of the temperature distribution along the fiber optic sensing ability, take advantage of the features we can continuous real-time measurement of , the temperature at various points within a few kilometers along the position precision can reach m level, the level of measurement precision can reach 1 degree, the temperature measurement of a wide range of node applications very applicable.

bonner fiber optic sensor environment analysis: with the continuous development of China's industrial automation applications, instrument and meter industry with each passing day, instrument and meter industry is currently faced with the new development.

there are hundreds of units of work in this area, such as tsinghua university, fudan university, tianjin university, chongqing university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics and so on, they in the temperature sensor, pressure gauge, flow meter, liquid level gauge, the ammeter in areas such as a lot of work. In addition, in wuhan, Shanghai, guangdong, shenzhen and other places, has also established many passive components manufacturer, the size of the market to achieve 120 billion yuan of above.

as the market gradually opening up and the improvement of China's investment environment as well as the economic globalization process accelerating, the sensor manufacturers to enter the Chinese market, the intensified market competition. Local sensor technology level compared with world level there is still a big gap, the gap on the one hand show the sensor in terms of sensory information, on the other hand is for the sensor itself in the field of intelligent and networked technology lag behind. Domestic enterprises formed & other; Hollow & throughout; Situation, not only lost their products in the market, and can directly result in the production of a single product variety, serious homogeneity, domestic sensor price advantage obviously, but there still exists certain gaps when compared with foreign products on quality, commonly used in the area of signal requirements is not high.

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