FS - V31C keyence fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-22

keyence models FS - standard V31C, output type NPN output, type basic unit/cordless, keyence amplifier output 1 output control, external input 1 input, keyence fiber optic equipment connector, LED light source, red LED (4 elements Wavelength of 640 nm) Response time is 33 & mu; s( HSP) / 250 microseconds ( Fine) / 500 microseconds ( TURBO) / 1 (ms 超级) / 4 milliseconds ( ULTRA) / 16 milliseconds ( MEGA) FS - V31C ON when the light into the optical fiber amplifier/when obscured light switch to switch output, light - Work status indicator light: red leds, double digital display: double 7 segment display, setting, Green LED4) The current value of the ( Red LED4) At the same time, according to ( 0 - 64512). , test allowance present value ( 0 p ~ 999 p) Keep function: peak and the bottom can be displayed at the same time, choose five different barLED keyence amplifier display, keyence amplifier & other; Display ( 85% to 115% level 7) Detection of deposit & throughout; The zoom display ( Detection range, sensitivity function below) Decided to total light detection mode, the FS - KEYENCE amplifier V31C OFF timer function timer/OFF delay/delay/bar/delay + OFF delay in delay + one-time variable to 0. 1 ms to 9999 ms timing time keyence amplifier for value & plusmn; 10% or less of zui large error control output under 40 v, 100 ma (NPN open collector One-time use) (under / 20 ma Expand) FS - The residual voltage V31C below 1 v ( Reed, non-contact) External input no voltage input, keyence amplifier input time 2 ms ( ) / 20 ms ( Closed) Or above (up to 16 slave unit extensible A total of 17 units) Than DC12 - 24V± Rated supply voltage & plusmn; Pulse (10% PP) A 10% reduction in power consumption does 1 normal time: 710 mw or less.

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