FS series features Japan KEYENCE optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-30

KEYENCE Japan KEYENCE FS series features: fiber optic equipment amplifier with industry zui wide range of products; FS - V/T/M series contains various can be integrated; Line system of fiber optic equipment sensor; Be clear at a glance of digital display; Simple way of regulating fiber optic components FU series features: hexagonal, super strong, has a protective shell; Flat head ( With mounting holes) ; High elastic type; High temperature resistant; Corrosion resistance. Safety grating SL series features: edge to edge design can eliminate any blind area; The controller built-in safety grating; All the problems solved the on-site installation. Small laser sensor LVS series features: super small, save space, visible light beam, sensor installation is simple. IEC: rank 1: fda grade I laser sensor LV series features: super small, save space; Visible light beam, sensor installation is simple; Save the COMS laser sensor cable design GV series features: is not affected by color; Is not affected by Angle. Long: 1 m; IP67 sensing head PZ series features: photoelectric sensor is not affected by the target Angle and color; Digital display; High strength light operation. KEYENCE Japan KEYENCE photoelectric sensor PS series features: super long detection distance of 4 m; Automatic calibration single bond; Province line connection system; Tiny organism. New type of photoelectric sensor PZG series features: long distance detection, is a traditional type of double; Two times of the corresponding fast, is a traditional models; Before accept indicator light helps to relaxed on the optical axis; Using fast mounting bracket, without using screws. Super type photoelectric sensor PX series features: sealing standard: IP68G/IP69K, waterproof, oil drain ability stronger; The detection distance of 40 m; Solid stainless steel housings; IP67 amplifier can provide waterproof function. KEYENCE Japan KEYENCE non-contact displacement sensors GTT series features: high precision; Installation is simple; Easy to set; Intelligent operation contact displacement sensor AT series features: high precision; Installation is simple; Easy to set; ES series features: intelligent operating close to sensor distance twice of the traditional sensor; Detection distance is easy to adjust; Built-in alarm output. Detached proximity sensor EV, EZ series features: small sensing head; Built into the visual sensor output indicator light; Into the cable joint IP67 level shell. Independent proximity sensor EM series features: subminiature sensor head; Amplifier with operation refers to put in cables in the lamp; Strong, can into the cable; Waterproof IP67 level shell. KEYENCE Japan KEYENCE pressure sensor AP series features: subminiature zui height, character; High resolution; I/O function integration. Color sensor CZ series features: high power to stable color detection; Used for triple 16-bit RGB light calculation; Easy to operate, the sensitivity of adjustment. Temperature sensor FT series features: non-contact detection; Convenient installation. Ultrasonic sensors FW series features: can detect a variety of materials; Convenient installation

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