From a cold heat of combustion: optotemp allows optical fiber temperature measurement

by:FOT     2020-06-27

from a cold heat of combustion: new optotemp optotemp allow fiber optic equipment temperature measurement temperature sensor is made up of two switch output excellent and highly flexible simulation output. By the end of September, a new temperature sensor optotemp expand wenglor portfolio of products in the field of photoelectric sensor. High-performance sensors measure the temperature range of - From 25 to 350 & deg; C, on the basis of the infrared radiation emitted by objects, regardless of its materials and its state of aggregation. Therefore wenglor again shows the innovation in the field of optical sensor technology market competitiveness. The measurement of infrared radiation is quick and non-contact, the object itself is not affected by any. A great variety of the temperature of the object, can be measured in a reliable way, regardless of their materials and their state of aggregation. Sensors measure the temperature within the scope of the measuring range is from 25 to 350 & deg; C。 Measured values appear in the integration of 8 to 14 & micro; M spectral sensitivity, intuitive display, read through the output or RS - Port 232. Because of its two switch output and an analog output, sensors are suitable for all kinds of measurement applications, such as the goal and the actual value comparison and measurement. Integrated laser alignment tool and a teachable emission factor makes the initial startup to quickly and easily. “ Optotemp temperature sensor is a real product & throughout; Maria boos that products. “ Especially in the two switch output, analog output, the output of the configurable features and emission factors of teaching through the intuitive display a wide range of temperature measurement provides the basis for the ideal. “ Applications include general goal and the actual value of the liquid and the original quality monitoring, and non-metallic surface temperature in the illegal act of prevention and control, until the engine and system components in the automotive sector is monitoring. “ Downtime in this way can be avoided, unity can waste production and product quality can rest assured that the entire value creation chain & throughout; Lower for the boos. Highlight a look & bull; Contactless temperature measurement range for - From 25 to 350 & deg; C• 2 switch output value and the actual value of simple free expansion of the analog output measurement & bull; (needed for the output function can be configured to PNP/NPN, NO/NC, 4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V) Emission factor adjustable from 0. 1 to 1 integrated laser alignment tools & bull; Adjust easily through the intuitive menu and 7 segment display or wteach2 ( RS - 232).

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