FOTRIC launch in 2019 shenzhen station 'open hot like AI era'

by:FOT     2020-07-15
On November 19, 2019, sponsored by the department of thermal science and technology co. , LTD. Shanghai with 'open hot like AI age' as the theme of 'FOTRIC 2019 launch shenzhen station' held at the grand mercure Oriental ginza shenzhen hotel perfect, from the pearl river delta of the user a total of 250 people attended the meeting. Meeting agenda: Shanghai thermal technology co. , LTD. , headquartered in Shanghai, brand 'FOTRIC fly superiority', flying development division is committed to the intelligent thermal technology innovation, and through the Internet architecture cloud like heat, optimizing the user experience, improve work efficiency. Conference, Shanghai thermal technology co. , LTD. , a 2018 review. Among them, the flying development of cisco FOTRIC X cloud thermal gain high grades, electric power, metallurgy, manufacturing, scientific research and other key industries, customers cover about 95% of provinces and cities across the country, and won the German iF international industrial design award. The release conference the release conference scene as brand values, as shown in the 'innovation, integrity, perfection' flying development division the innovation in the first place. Today, conference shock at six new product series, with the existing complementary product lines, to build better product matrix, meet the market demand. The new release of product positioning in the market capacity of the largest handset market in the end, to provide users with more reliable choice. Such as FOTRIC 320 pro, 320 c series, based on the platform to build a new, more competitive; FOTRIC series 340, series 330, with independent research and development of a number of hard nuclear technology - — HawkAI, MagicThermal, TurboFocus, lit. FOTRIC 340 x and 330 x series, belongs to the cloud like heat, have the wisdom, the forecast of diagnosis, hui hui, hui ten times faster four big functions, can realize the PdM predictive maintenance. Since 2017, flying development section continuous grinding thermal image of cloud, V1. 0 to upgrade to the V3. 0 version, in the future, the breakthrough function innovation will continue, for the user to present the products of the best. Even reach Zou Gong, Xu Gong testing FOTRIC of high-end thermal imager. Effect of leverage. Big manufacturer FOTRIC domineering site sent straight 10 pocket thermal imager. Millet bluetooth headset is present. In fact, not satisfied, the pursuit of perfection is the consistent attitude of flying development division. Each seriously, the detail perfectly, to the user product experience beyond imagination. The product launch, the dozens of new product, we see in the image uniformity, temperature measurement accuracy, on the basis of the principle of expanding innovative technology, with real competitiveness. Conference enable brand name flying development, don't forget to source, respect basic science! As founder said 'our business there is no secret, seek the way forward' in the basic science.
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