Fondle born reagent - The solar optical telescope array principle prototype

by:FOT     2020-07-08

the solar optical telescope array principle prototype was

recently, the reporter learns from the Chinese academy of yunnan observatory, the station is responsible for the design of the solar optical telescope array ( FASOT) The principle prototype through the acceptance.

the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher at the yunnan observatory QuZhongQuan FASOT, put forward is based on their early zui launched the original significance of polarization analyzer, combined with the integral view unit is widely used abroad technology research and development of a new solar observation instruments.

according to scientific research personnel, material and energy in the instrument to get the solar atmosphere to color the ball from the depth of the ball at the top of information transmission process. Observation area to make use of its high temporal resolution and high polarization measurement accuracy according to the characteristics of the observation, the researchers were able to find the new fast deterioration in the solar atmosphere, can make human more profound understanding of the sun through the above information in the atmosphere especially for space weather has decided to influence the outbreak of the phenomenon. The telescope's innovative got people at home and abroad.

FASOT development team and instrument development center (durham university and nanjing university cooperation, after more than a year of effort, zui eventually completed FASOT principle prototype design.

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