FOD111 miniature fiber optic fault finder USES characteristics

by:FOT     2020-06-20

find breakpoints, slightly curved, even sheath fiber

OTDR blind area optimization of troubleshooting mechanical connection point within the end-to-end fiber recognition to find bad joint connection point joint surface finish inspection attenuation measuring up to 5 km LAN, joint plate, distribution frame

is a miniature fiber optic fault finder price can be used for single mode or multimode fiber of 1 mw output power of the laser light source. By the two AAA batteries. 16 hours of battery life. Miniature fiber optic fault finder price use the universal adapter head, allows you to connect all the commonly used joint, without adapter head replacement. Replaceable adapter head makes don't have to open the instrument can clean or polishing the internal connector. If you need to test the jumper, find from many core optical fiber fiber optic equipment fault point or one of the core, then the only instrument is zui suits you! Don't need to waste time rotating FC joint cap; Do not need for different joint replacement adapter head. Our general adaptation head allows check quality cable in 2 seconds: one insert, two look. The instrument is equipped with a holster to carry. Miniature fiber optic fault finder technology rules: price model of HR/FOD111 output power spectrum width (1 mw 650 nm wavelength 20° C) 3 nm for fiber optic equipment SM, MM inside the CW modulation power battery life 16 hours 2 AAA batteries size ( No adapter head) 96 × 47 × 24 mm working temperature - 50 g in weight 10° 40°C ~ C standard accessories user manual, carry holster

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