Fly desktop scanning electron microscopy (sem) to create a new development of photonic crystal fiber

by:FOT     2020-07-04
Fly, desktop scanning electron microscopy (sem) for the development of photonic crystal fiber exploring new paths

photonic crystal fiber ( 光子晶体纤维,PCF) Is also called microstructure fiber ( Micro- StructuredFibers, MSF) , this kind of fiber cross section on the complex refractive index distribution, contain a different arrangement of holes, as shown in figure 1. These holes and the wavelength of the scale of the roughly in the same order of magnitude and runs through the whole length of the device, light waves can limit the spread of low refractive index of fiber core area.

figure 1 different structure of photonic crystal fiber

photonic crystal fiber ( Microstructure fiber) According to the mechanism of light transmission can be divided into two categories: refractive light type ( IG - PCF) And the band gap type guide ( PCF) 。

refractive index guiding photonic crystal fiber ( Microstructure fiber, PCF) With no deadline single-mode properties, large mode field size/small mould field adjustable size and dispersion characteristics. Widely used in the dispersion control ( Dispersion flat, zero dispersion displacement to 800 nm) Nonlinear optics ( High nonlinear, continuous spectrum) Core optical fiber, active fiber optic devices ( Double clad PCF effectively bound pump) And optical fiber sensors.

gap band gap photonic crystal fiber ( Microstructure fiber, PCF) With easy coupling, without Fresnel reflex, bending loss, low nonlinear and low special waveguide dispersion characteristics are widely used in high power light, optical fiber sensing and fiber optic equipment gas, etc.

in the photonic crystal fiber production is especially important for optical fiber holes the size of the control, it seriously affects the performance of the optical fiber. Of fly, desktop scanning electron microscopy (sem) and its aperture statistical analysis of measurement system can quickly identify fiber in the production process of holes, ( As shown in figure 2 and figure 3) On the edge of the low power and high power holes are accurate and clear can be recognized, and directly gives the area of the holes, long axis and short axis, aspect ratio, average diameter (parameters, such as As shown in figure 4) To get high quality photonic crystal fiber provide powerful guarantee.

figure 2 with fly, electron microscopy aperture statistical analysis of measurement system automatically identify holes of photonic crystal fiber ( 4600 times)

figure 3 of fly, electron microscope aperture statistical analysis of measurement system automatically identify holes of photonic crystal fiber ( 15500 times)

4 fly, electron microscope aperture of statistical analysis of measurement system to identify each hole area, the length of axis, aspect ratio and the average diameter parameter

fly, a desktop sem aperture statistical analysis of measurement system software can easily access, analysis of images, and generate a report. With the help of the software, users not only can obtain statistical distribution information of aperture, can acquire the properties of each aperture parameters at the same time, such as aperture, long axis, short axis ratio, etc.

main feature

1, directly obtained from the fly, electron microscopy images;

2, measuring the aperture of attribute data, such as area, long axis and short axis;

3, convenient operation, improve work efficiency, simplify working arrangement, predictable;

4, liberalization of image acquisition, data can be stored in the network and U disk, easy to share, communicate, and see;

5, and export statistics data, at the same time export clear picture

the development of photonic crystal fiber developed a broad space for the fiber optic equipment sensing, especially in the area of biological sensor and gas sensor for fiber optic equipment sensing technology brings new development. Fly, a desktop sem exploring new paths for the photonic crystal fiber development, take advantage of this effective tool, look forward to faster development of photonic crystal fiber.

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