Fluke to participate in the 2015 Asia Pacific measurement planning organization ( APMP) General assembly

by:FOT     2020-07-12
October 26 solstice on November 7, 2015, the asia-pacific measurement planning organization ( APMP) General assembly held in the China institute of metrology changping campus, APMP is the asia-pacific region and even the international community's annual event. Participant organizations including the international metrology committee, the asia-pacific measurement planning group, Australia's national metrology institute and international. Bureau of standard measurement U. S. under secretary of commerce, the United States institute of standards and technology ( NIST) And other international and Asia, Europe, the United States, regional organizations and relevant international organizations such as representative, as well as from 31 countries and economies of more than 400 delegates attending the meeting. The two-week conference, fluke calibration department actively participate in, invited two experts in the United States, participated in the electromagnetism, thermal TC technology seminar ( 工作车间) A speech, and in the Work in the Shop. We also participated in the national metrology institute in changping products exhibition. The first day of the exhibition, deputy director of aqsiq Wu Qinghai visited FCal booth, calibration Qin Jian to wu, director of the department director introduces the fluke companies in China's development history and the current layout, and the fluke companies based on the domestic development strategy. That night, fluke Liu Shaowen invited Chinese vice President Asia Pacific temperature professional committee and the institute of metrology Duan Yuning, vice President of the temperature measurement of the future are discussed. At the fair, fluke calibration department chief engineer Jeff Gust and fluke, vice President of China Liu Shaowen also with the China institute of metrology institute for strategic studies, to discuss cooperation. The current international metrology system is experiencing a historic change, measuring the developed manufacturing, emerging industries and fields such as medicine, new energy development, extensive and profound impact. Fluke will seize the opportunity, continuous innovation, together, create brilliant.
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