Fluke power quality analyzer F1736 product launches

by:FOT     2020-07-14
On December 15, 2015, held in shenzhen Shanghai hotel fluke fluke company F1736 power quality analyzer product launches, special power quality department to participate in product launch. Even the news hotline: 400 - 996 - 0787 power quality analyzer conference Fluke 1736 is the best power quality recorder in general use. If you need a have the same powerful electric energy analysis ability, power quality record function more instruments, Fluke 1738 is your ideal choice. Main measurements: automatic capture and record the voltage, current, power, harmonic and related power quality values. Compatible with Fluke Connect: you can through the instrument to check the data locally, or through the Fluke Connect mobile applications and desktop software remote viewing data. Instrument power supply convenient: directly from a measuring instrument circuit for power supply. Industry the highest level of security, into the family line and downstream load rated use 600 V / 1000 V IV CAT CAT III safe level content into the line and the downstream. Measure all three phase and zero line: the attached four flexible current probe. Comprehensive record: this device can store more than 20 different session data packet. In fact, all of the measured values are automatically recorded, let you no longer loss measurement. Can even view before during logging and download these trends, the real-time analysis. Capture sag, temporary rise and surge current: including event waveform screen shots and high-resolution RMS trend diagram and date and time stamp and severity, to help find out potential root causes of power quality problems. Bright color touch screen: in all the graphical display screen can be conveniently field analysis and data check. To optimize the user interface: every time according to the instructions shall be carried out in accordance with the graphical steps quickly set up, after all can obtain the correct data; And with the aid of intelligent validation functions can reduce the uncertainty of equipment connection. Through the front panel or Fluke Connect application completed 'site Settings: don't need to return to the office to download and set up, also don't have to carry the computer to the distribution room. Energy: Analyze Plus application software download through our automated reports and analysis of Energy consumption and power quality health state of every detail. Dr Fluke He Xuenong technical analysis
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