Fluke Networks to launch the world's first certified CAT 8 field tester - — DSX - 8000

by:FOT     2020-07-16
Fluke Networks to launch the world's first certified CAT 8 field tester - — DSX - 8000 CableAnalyzer ™ cable tester Fluke Networks offering DSX - 8000 cable tester, which is the world's first approved by the independent certification and, satisfy the CAT 8 ( 8 class cable) Field test standard all required field tester. DSX - 8000 is Versiv ™ cable certification series product update members, inherited the Fluke Networks products of consistent quality, help data communication installer is more rapid, accurate, effectively implement copper and fiber optic system acceptance of the project. “福禄克网络DSX - 8000 cable tester through Intertek certification, measurement precision meet the ANSI/TIA - 1152 - A Level 2 g. 'Intertek project engineer who is in charge of ICT test wiring products Antoine Pelletier said:' meet the standard tester in use is an important milestone in the development of CAT 8, means that the customer can ensure that its facilities up to the standard. 'As the field tester, designers and installer now have deployed the CAT 8 the tools needed to support the 25 and 40 Gb Ethernet. After reaching the first CAT 8 field tester before the milestone, DSX series has made many breakthroughs, including: whole 2 GHz range of permanent link and channel adapter, support TIA CAT 5 - 8 ( 5 to 8 kind of cables) And the ISO/IEC Class C to the FA and I/II ( Class II adapter will be provided in the summer of 2017) The site certification. Faster test time: Cat 6 a certification for 8 seconds. Paragraph 8 plan approved by the manufacturer by the Cat tester. The only can according to the requirement of the tester Level 2 g test cable circuit tester of shield layer connectivity. The only to test the resistance of the optional unbalance measurement standards, used to ensure the Ethernet power supply ( 坡) The tester for normal work of the system. 'Although Versiv user feedback said able to be quickly recoup their investment, but the contractor hope the tester can use more years. 'Fluke Networks, vice President and general manager Eric Conley said:' by purchasing a DSX - 8000, can ensure the customer deployment Cat 8 technology can play at any time. Lucrative investment returns and adapt to the future development, the combination of is a wise choice. 'The leading network solutions provider panduit ( Panduit) Has recognized DSX - 8000 cable tester and verified, proving that this is the only site that could satisfy the requirement of CAT 8 tester. 'CAT 8 is expected to a smooth transition to the data center of higher bandwidth, very easy to deploy, significant cost savings. 'Panduit group data center business, vice President of Marc Naese said:' in order to achieve these goals, customers need to ensure that its facilities to satisfy all the CAT 8 technical indicators. Panduit laboratory ( Panduit® Labs) DSX - evaluation and recognition Fluke Networks 8000 the certification results of our facilities. “福禄克网络DSX - 8000 cable tester can now pass Fluke Networks China authorized dealer orders. Media contact: Chinese name telephone mail box Lin Huawei + 86 10, 5735, 1446, Linda. lin@flukenetworks。 Com if you have any questions or problems, welcome to contact us at any time
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