Fluke Networks three product won the 2016 annual international innovation award gold medal

by:FOT     2020-07-11
Fluke Networks three product won the 2016 annual international innovation award gold medal is the honorary award of Fluke Networks in key transmission facilities installation, authentication and patience, leading the industry field of fault diagnosis tool innovation high recognition of Fluke Networks, announced that its closer to launch three new products are the journal wiring installation and maintenance, 电缆安装& Maintenance) 2016 annual innovation activities as the development of the industry leading results. These three products are: which has the function of asset tracking LinkWare ™ Live, with SmartLoop ™ function OptiFiber ® Pro OTDR and LinkWare Live integrated Brother Mobile Solutions for Mobile applications LabelLink ™. Award by the wiring and communication in the field of experts, designers and integrators and management team of the selection decision. The award recognizes these tools compared with the previous way, method and the advantages of products. Which has the function of asset tracking LinkWare Live cloud services can help engineering contractor, cable installation and project management personnel tracking and configure the tester, help them to complete the project on time, with good quality. LinkWare Live is the industry growing faster, cloud-based cable certification project management service. Asset Tracking ability it is easy to trace its assets, and software project management status and test instrument calibration, the device needs to be updated in a timely manner to inform or calibration. Fluke Networks adhere to continuous improvement OptiFiber Pro OTDR, this instrument is the industry's leading cable Versiv certification system part of the product line. With SmartLoop ™ function OptiFiber ® Pro is the industry's first to two independent from the single-ended one-time fiber link for both sides to the test of OTDR. SmartLoop instant provides both sides to the average results, in line with the telecommunications industry association ( TIA) The requirements, and shorten the test time of the fiber by 50% or more. Fiber optic testers to avoid entering SmartLoop also make it difficult to hit or dangerous areas. With SmartLoop and has applied for patent analysis algorithm, users no longer need to OTDR handling to link the remote, can perform bidirectional test, and help the contractors to obtain more profit from each project. LabelLink App is Fluke Networks with Brother Mobile Solutions, the crystallization of technical cooperation. With the program, technicians can be on the scene by LinkWare Live platform for data generated during the design and installation, on the basis of print cable ID tags, which greatly improve the efficiency of the for the network and cable labeling. Cable installation party need to increase the label in the installation process once the input data, can be reuse for many times, so as to further improve efficiency, improve accuracy and obtain higher profits. 'Innovation award on behalf of wiring installation and maintenance, congratulations Fluke Networks won three gold medal. 'Magazine publisher wiring installation and maintenance, Alan Bergstein, said:' the competition is intense, procedure justice activities focus on structured cabling industry more innovative projects. Won a golden medal congratulations Fluke Networks, and thanks to its contribution to the structured cabling industry. 'Won the honor of this year is the Fluke Networks persistent high recognition, leading the industry innovation. Last year, Fluke Networks Versiv cable certification system and LinkWare Live magazine has won the wiring installation and maintenance of two innovation award, both product won the 'silver'. 'Access to authoritative organization recognized, we feel deeply honored to, also encouraged. 'Fluke Networks, vice President and general manager Eric Conley said:' this is a competitive and rapidly changing industry, our team focused on improving the industry cable installation personnel and technical personnel engaged in one of the important work. 'About the wiring installation and maintenance ( 电缆安装& Maintenance) Magazine since its release in 1993, the wiring installation and maintenance ( 电缆安装& Maintenance) Magazine dedicated to provide useful information for professionals, covers business, data center and technical specification of campus of structured cabling system development, design, installation and management. Wiring installation and certification magazine, website, www。 CablingInstall。 com) , electronic communications and network course help wiring industry professionals to improve daily work, strategic planning, to ensure the better long-term performance of the network. About the journal wiring installation and maintenance of 2016 innovation plan of the journal of wiring installation and maintenance, 2016 annual innovation activities aimed at the selection and recognition of the structured cabling industry more innovative applications and communications wiring products and systems. The magazine in 2016, the United States SAN Antonio BICSI autumn exhibition released white gold, gold medal and silver medal ( BICSI is an expert in wiring design and installation of a global society. Diligently for the information and communications technology ( ICT) Provide information, training, and knowledge in the field of evaluation. ) Round of the selection criteria include: innovative, value, sustainability, collaboration, and influence. About ( 福禄克网络) Is a network authentication, failure diagnosis and elimination and global leader of installation tools, provided by the instrument is suitable for the important network cabling infrastructure is responsible for the installation and maintenance of professional. From the installation more advanced data center to recover under extreme environmental conditions of service, we always will be combined with unparalleled performance, reliability to ensure complete the work smoothly and efficiently. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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