Fluke networks technology about network old dropped discussion summary

by:FOT     2020-07-18
Possible customers often network dropped, now it is time and the problem is not now. We should start from where the test to solve the problem? Fluke networks experts recommend: often drops for many reasons: cable quality problem, Path and equipment introduced) Problems setting up the interference problem, switch port, signal quality problems. If you only have a fluke Linkrunner AT ( LRTA - 2000 or LRAT1000) In hand, first check the signal strength, and can be set at the same time ping on a device + switch + DHCP + gateway at the next higher level, and see which one is can't break. If dropped not often appear, and have a chance, and found the restart computer or switches can restore, the affected users to more than one, the interference is introduced into the possibility of more, is a small number of switches itself quality is not stable. If old out of the question, is a user change to other port, too, are still test the cable first, and then check for incoming radiation interference, according to the principle of alternative, again not going to try using computer ( It can do) 。 The test cable to use DTX series ( DTX - Series 1800 or other DTX DTX1200 DTX - LT, etc. ) , test interference will use NTS2 ( Nettool2 NTS2 - PRO) And Onetouch AT ( 1 t - 1500 two) 1 tat x2, see because of the interference caused by packet loss in that position. Could have more than you can see these you question: because I'm in network engineering, is to make the router switches of firewall, so I feel the above data is not much help to me. Fluke expert discussion: break the individual machine, or a multiple machines? If you have any confidence on the switch, then don't doubt that the switch itself quality problem and setting up the first problem, the key suspect PC itself, connected to the cable interference, signal strength and so on. Ask yourself: what can he have a cable interference? And everyone in the company to drop, the signal is weak, I will see PING delay is large, but he will not affect drops. Fluke experts: interference signal at the critical point and breaking point will appear offline and packet loss, delay is larger. If it is all the company dropped, then don't look up individual cable, seek public problems: such as the switch itself stability problem/configuration problems - Please don't ignore the little things, because of the confidence the voltage harmonic interference problems, problems of the stability of telecom cat. If no change at the hands of the switches and telecom cat, then you can try to find a UPS - One by one try to use UPS to switches, telecom power supply cat, look to see that will get better. The weakest, and check whether the chassis grounding well, these are strange fault difficult place, is also ignored by 99% of network management. Network engineer: yes, you're quite right. I just feel with the Onetouch AT t - 1 1000 no help, and I thought he was able to screen out Ethernet failures, it seems that I want to. Fluke experts: Onetouch AT t - 1 1000 just for desktop management in view of the common faults of fast testing tools, and to the user request is not high, its user base location at this moment, nong requires at least 1 tat 'x2' or '1 + LRAT tat,' or higher, to a large of XG or something. Network engineers: that Linkrunner AT ( LRAT - 2000). And the LRAT - 1000 functions are all the same, just with a fiber optic test right? Ah, I also and customer telling this equipment can eliminate problem, the problem to the customer for more than a year, a lot of engineers didn't solve. Fluke experts: can use it to test cable ( Open circuit short line sequence problems) The PoE power supply, the received signal strength ( Sketch) , ping multiple IP locate which topology is lost, with 1 tat transmission performance test and determine the interference of rough location ( This function cannot be used independently) Mobile detection scheme of division of labor: LRAT - Desktop access specific provisions of quick test in the diagnosis of 1 tat - Responsible for equipment in LAN view and rapid diagnosis ( Need LRAT cooperate again) XG— Responsible for LAN depth testing, with WAN depth test if it is the physical problem - DTX if is environmental problems - A total inductive power harmonic analyzer/grounding tester: if you want to really confirm permanent problem, what should we do? For small networks, generally do not have equipped with its own DTX/harmonic analyzer and other testing equipment, in order to avoid the laborious also unable to deal with big trouble in the future, should warn the user as soon as possible: construction of the requirements/SI/by providing integrated wiring system inspection report and LAN performance acceptance report, so this kind of problem of today's discussion can will exterminate from the source. Simple point: GB50312 - Exposure to the physical problems (2007 The first layer) GB21671 - 2008 network layer problems ( Including the second and a small amount of layer 7)
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