Fluke networks release support ix Industrial Ethernet connector ( DSX - CHA - S - IX) The DSX

by:FOT     2020-07-14
Fluke networks release support ix Industrial Ethernet connector DSX CableAnalyzer adapter based on IEC standard completely high-performance small adapter link fluke networks, komi hirose motor ( HIROSE) And HaoTing ( 德国哈丁) Announced to launch a support ix Industrial connector adapter, the adapter is suitable for DSX CableAnalyzer series network wiring authentication tools. Ix is a kind of applicable to Industrial environment of durable type of Ethernet connector, the connector based on IEC 61076 - 3 - 124 standard, volume 8 needles than traditional modular connectors ( RJ - 45) 70% smaller. This new type of Ethernet interface by komi hirose motor ( HIROSE) And HaoTing ( 德国哈丁) Common development. New adapter supports fluke networks DSX series connected to adopt ix Industrial connector wiring system, so as to realize the validation of before initial operation and fault diagnosis. Ix Industrial connector (by komi hirose motor HIROSE) And HaoTing ( 德国哈丁) Cooperative development and launched in 2016. Komi hirose motor ( HIROSE) And HaoTing ( 德国哈丁) Very understand wiring system the necessity of testing before initial operation. They said: 'even if the client and contractor used are of the highest quality components, but in the process of installation of variable factors may cause both intermittent network fault and comprehensive network failure problems, resulting in unexpected downtime. If during the deployment, according to the industry standard to certification of installed wiring, can shorten the initial run time, and to prevent costly downtime caused by wiring reason such as accident. 'Miniaturization ix Industrial connector supports super six grade class or EA wiring, which can realize the communication rate of 10 Gbps. The connector is strong and durable design, enhance the PCB tensile strength, improve the durability, which can realize plug as much as 5000 times, and have high levels of resistance to electromagnetic interference, EMI) Ability. Several large companies have recognized the connector used as Ethernet interface. Such as visual sensor and controller device miniaturization of market trends, more and more demand for miniaturization of the connector, ix Industrial connector is comply with the demand of the market to provide effective solution. Fluke networks DSX CableAnalyzer series products are the industry's leading wiring certification system tools, support the most comprehensive wiring test certification, including 8 classes and the single-mode and multimode fiber optic equipment cables, grade, conform to the telecommunications industry association ( TIA) And the international standards organization ( ISO) As well as electrical and electronic engineers association ( IEEE) Related standards. DSX CableAnalyzer series products have obtained the world more than 30 wiring manufacturer's endorsement, it for the installed systems for authentication. DSX CableAnalyzer series can be strict test and report pass/reject 'as a result, has complete diagnosis function, can greatly shorten the time of fault diagnosis. Fluke networks, vice President and general manager Mr Walter Hock said: 'the research shows that more than half of the fault can be traced back to the industrial Ethernet wiring problem. Failure, cable connector, for example, or shielding layer fracture, affected by electromagnetic interference or damp, and the cable is not in conformity with the specifications or spend long to wait. DSX CableAnalyzer series ( DSX2- 5 - IE - K1) Now can be realized in the machine before you start running ensured IX connector installed cable is suitable for the industrial Ethernet environment, or in the event of a failure diagnosis and troubleshooting problems quickly. 'About the komi hirose ( HIROSEElectric) Komi hirose motor is one of the world's leading connector manufacturer, focus on the development and manufacture of challenging electronic connectors, field covers industrial, automotive, information and communication, medical and consumer electronics products ( Especially the smart phones) And other industries. Komi hirose motor for more than 80 years not only focus on miniaturization, and focus on high speed, high reliability, high power and advanced manufacturing technology. The komi hirose has 28 sales offices in 18 countries around the world, eight factories and professional team composed of more than 4500 employees, sales of more than 125 billion yen for the fiscal year 2017/18. About HaoTing ( 德国哈丁) HaoTing technology group is one of the world's leading supplier of industrial connection technology, to provide data, signal and power three lifeline industrial connection technology, with 14 factories and 44 sales company. In addition, the company also produces retail cashier system, automotive and industrial series electromagnetic actuators, electric vehicle charging equipment, as well as the automation technology, machinery and plant engineering, robot, and transportation engineering in the field of customer provide hardware and software and application. In the 2017/18 fiscal year, the group of more than 5000 employees created 7 together. Sales of 6. 2 billion euros. Original source: fluke networks
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