Fluke networks introduced OFP2 - 100 - S OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR

by:FOT     2020-07-10
Beijing, China, on November 13, 2018 - — Fluke networks introduced OptiFiber? High dynamic range (Pro HDR) Optical time domain reflection ( OTDR) Tester, this is the first can meet the contractor, installer and network operators at the same time using a single solution treatment from FTTx, PON and data centers to the classification level structured cabling all application requirements of OTDR. Versiv wei test users, according to a report in the test, certification and maintenance of copper and fibre optic network installation, the efficient and user experience good interface cost can be reduced by 65%. OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR test instrument can meet the growing demand on the application of the OTDR test and record the HDR, supports external facilities ( 百 Return and long-distance services, point-to-point ( P2P) Passive optical networks (, 在其) And fiber optic equipment to the home to install. Three new single-mode module of 1490 nm, 1625 nm and 1310/1550 nm combination, dynamic range of up to 42 db, help users to find fault in many of the longer distance. Introduce more products: http:///Products/OFP2- 200 - 年代。 We use HTML Versiv measurement for a long time, significantly reduce the certification cost. 'Based in Houston, Texas, USA, electrical, security and wiring contractor Fisk Electric Chuck, senior project manager of Ziegler, said:' now, we can also in the external facilities and get the same efficient FTTx project construction. 'OptiFiber Pro tester is the award-winning interface to enhance the many support the application of new features, including automatic identification of the beam splitter and expert manual mode, enabling users to easily modify the OTDR selected automatically set, to optimize the device performance. In addition, there are some breakthrough features include automatic Settings, the touch of trajectory scaling analysis and Event Map? Interpretation results. The EventMap can easily identify all the items on the trunk, is the real weapon to save time. 'Mr Ziegler added. Fluke networks of modular Versiv test platform is OptiFiber Pro OTDR tester is the foundation of the solution. All Versiv wei measurement model can be software and the report with LinkWare PC LinkWare Live cloud connection certification service. So far has uploaded more than 14 million results, LinkWare Live has become the industry's leading equipment and wiring project automation Settings and support solutions. 'Our Versiv test platform and OptiFiber Pro OTDR test instrument can help the novice to become an expert installation, let the experts to work more efficiently. 'Harley fluke network marketing director Lang III, RCDD said:' for the installation or have data communication network of companies and organizations, OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR is a trusted authentication tools, can be more efficient, quick installation, testing and certification of various wiring project. 'About the fluke fluke networks ( 福禄克网络) Is a network authentication, failure diagnosis and elimination and global leader of installation tools, provided by the instrument is suitable for the important network cabling infrastructure is responsible for the installation and maintenance of professional. From the installation of the most advanced data center to recover under extreme environmental conditions of service, we always will be combined with unparalleled performance, reliability to ensure complete the work smoothly and efficiently. The company's flagship products include innovation LinkWare? Live, a leading global cable certification solutions based on cloud, so far has uploaded more than 14 million sets of results.
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