Fluke Networks announced test IntellitoneTM audio generator module process

by:FOT     2020-07-11
According to the following steps to ensure that the fluke MT - 8200 - 60 - KIT of the generator and detector working properly. Fluke IntelliTone generator, can be modeled and audio information, set up to send probes can also be set up to receive analog or audio signal. If you want to test the numerical signal, over there you will be transferred to the digital signal generator and probe the gears. Spherical knob control: 200 PRO intellitone probe spherical switch knob, there are five gear. The far left is OFF ( To turn it off) 。 Then, in turn, is: 1, shutdown, digital positioning (2 A digital signal) 3, digital positioning ( Digital signal, the separation of a single line of) 4, audio positioning ( Audio signal) 5, wiring diagram, 电缆地图) 备注:当设置为电缆图档位注意:设置电缆地图时,探测器将不会接模拟或数字音调,和它从RJ45正在寻找输入端口。 Certification. Analog audio signal is normal: digital signal is normal:
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