Fluke Networks announced OptiFiber ® Pro OTDR free SmartLoop ™

by:FOT     2020-07-14
Fluke Networks announced OptiFiber ® Pro OTDR free SmartLoop ™ two-way test on April 12, 2016 SmartLoop function allows the user to from one end of a one-time test of two optical fibers and instant access to the two-way average results, Everett, Washington, shorten test time by half, April 12, 2016, Fluke Networks today announced its OptiFiber ® Pro OTDR can now use SmartLoop ™ technology, making it the first standard on the function of OTDR, can achieve two independent optical fiber link from one end of a one-time bidirectional test. SmartLoop can not only provide communications industry association fiber optic cabling component standards ( TIA- 568. 3 - D) Required immediate two-way average results, but also fiber optic equipment test time can be reduced by 50% or more. After using SmartLoop, users no longer need to go to the other end of the link is bidirectional test, the contractor can also earn more profits from the project. Fluke Networks has been working hard to improve OptiFiber Pro OTDR, it is the industry's leading wiring Versiv certification system of one of the series of products. Integrity Networks based in Washington state renton city, the company is mainly for the domestic and the Pacific coast of cable and fiber optic equipment network to provide communications services and infrastructure installation. Its located in anchorage, Alaska division and engineers took over the energy company, a large project, the project need company engineers to more than 1400 two-way optical fiber link test. Because in winter, the task is also becoming more complex, the temperature and the environment makes at the ends of the fiber optic test between the buildings is a very challenging and dangerous job. 'When I found SmartLoop, I think it should be our perfect solution. Soon after use truly, our team have mastered OptiFiber Pro operation. 'Integrity Networks Alaska regional manager Randy Sherman said. 'After using SmartLoop, we test the total cost down more than 30%. In fact, we work to save money is equivalent to the cost of the tester. '' experts and standards bodies that two-way average is the only way to ensure OTDR measurement accuracy,' Fluke Networks, vice President and general manager, Jason said Wilbur. 'Without it, there is likely to be pseudo fault, and the problems existing in the practice is not need to spend time diagnosis. Because of the complexity of time and work, the customer is not willing to do this. Now, new SmartLoop technology, makes the key function is simple and rapid. Customers no longer need to make trade-offs in speed and accuracy. 'OptiFiber Pro SmartLoop USES a Fluke Networks is applying for patent algorithm, can automatically test the two optical fibers, at the same time provide independent pass/fail analysis and two-way average results, further promotes the ease and speed of the test, especially suitable for optical fiber at the other end is difficult to contact or contact with the other end when there is a danger of environment. Using SmartLoop two-way testing capabilities, fiber optic wiring installation contractor and the contractor can not only reduce the time spent on site, also can avoid testing equipment into the dangerous environment, and reduces the risk of damage or injury of the test equipment. SmartLoop bidirectional test function has become the standard of OptiFiber Pro OTDR function. Existing users in the Fluke Networks web site for a free upgrade. To learn Fluke Networks of detailed information, please visit WWW. flukenetworks。 com。 About the Fluke NetworksFluke Networks is a key network cabling infrastructure for installation and maintenance of professional certification, the global leader in diagnosis and installation tools. From the installation more advanced data center to the more severe weather conditions to restore services, our legendary reliability and unparalleled performance can ensure to finish the work efficient. Is a Fluke Fluke Networks and related subsidiaries is part of the Corporation. For more information, please call 1 - 800 - 283 - 5853 ( The United States and Canada) , 1 - 425 - 446 - 5500 ( International) , or visit WWW. flukenetworks。 com。 For more information and update the details, please on the following social media attention Fluke Networks updated dynamically. Twitter:https://twitter. com/flukenetdciFacebook:http: / / www。 facebook。 com/flukenetworksLinkedIn:http: / / www。 flukenetworks。 com. cn/about/news/detail16。 HTML if you have any questions or problems, welcome to contact us at any time
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