Fluke in rockwell automation fair ( 自动化公平) Hosting a technical seminar

by:FOT     2020-07-12
— — 'Asset management and predictive maintenance' Everett, Washington, USA, on November 16, 2015 -- — Fluke corporation ( 福禄克公司。 ) Plan on November 18 to 19 in Chicago's McCormick exhibition center was held west pavilion of rockwell automation, inc. ( 罗克韦尔自动化) Automation expo 2015 ( 自动化公平吗? ) Hosting a technical seminar. The technology is the theme of the seminar 'asset management and predictive maintenance', the speaker for the fluke business development manager Glenn Gardner, time arrangement in the expo 13:00-18 and 19 afternoon 14:00, located W476 chamber. In recent years, the rapid development of asset management and predictive maintenance practice, the seminar will discuss the basic process of mobile devices and cloud computing and technology, and its application in how to promote continuous improvement. Glenn Gardner in the field of plant engineering and predictive maintenance has 10 years of experience, has held system engineer, reliability engineers, diagnosis, engineers, project managers and product designers. He is in the American state of Washington registered engineers, maintenance and reliability of expert and grade I vibration analyst. Glenn has a bachelor's and master's degree at the university of Delaware, and an MBA from the university of Washington. Follow the principle of first come first served basis, from the workshop without registration. If you would like to understand the fluke predictive maintenance technology for more information, welcome to the fluke: rockwell automation fair booth no. 579
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