Fluke Fluke DTX - 1800年,DTX - 1200年,DTX - LT test characteristic impedance ( impen

by:FOT     2020-07-12
The characteristic impedance ( 危急) Is different from the parameters of the resistance, if you as a cable factory, you may need to DTX1800 test characteristic impedance ( 危急) 。 To popularize the knowledge first, what is the characteristic impedance? Note that it is different from resistance. Characteristic impedance is also called ', 'it is not a dc resistance, belongs to the concept of long transmission. In high frequency range, the process of signal transmission, signal along the reach, signal and the reference plane ( The power or ground plane) Due to the establishment of the electric field between, can produce a current, if the line is isotropic, so as long as the signal transmission, is always a current I, and if the signal output level V, in the process of signal transmission, the transmission line will be equivalent to a resistance, size of V/I, called the equivalent resistance of a transmission line characteristic impedance Z. Signal in the process of transmission, if change the characteristic impedance of transmission path, the signal will be discontinuous in impedance nodes generate reflection. Factors affecting the characteristic impedance are: the dielectric constant and dielectric thickness, line width, the thickness of the copper foil. Note: most of the test standard does not require the characteristic impedance of the test, these standards did not show characteristic impedance limits, characteristic impedance cables at least 5 meters ( 16 feet) Above, shorter than the length of the impedance test will show through. The characteristic impedance results show that each approximate characteristic impedance of cables. For those who want to put on record the impedance of the user base - 1000 can be used T in the single test please click even - to provide the following the following steps: 1, will DTX1800 or DTX - 1200年,DTX - LT turn knob to SETUP; 2, choose DTX1800 twisted-pair cable inside; 3, change of DTX - Base - 1800 test limit value to 1000 T; 4, the DTX series instrument ( DTX - 1800年,DTX - LT) Turn knob to SINGLE TEST; 5, select the highlighted impedance ( 危急) ; 6, press the DTX instrument TEST key white; 7, cables will impedance tests, and storage into a report; Special buy fluke DTX1800, please look for professional fluke technical experts - 17 years , price concessions, first-class technical services, the quality is reliable.
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