FLUKE FLUKE DSX - CHA - M12- X - S standard connector

by:FOT     2020-07-10
China, on June 14, 2019 - Today, Fluke Networks announced the the availability of an M12 - X适配器为其DSX CableAnalyzer家庭网络布线认证工具。 M12- X for standardized connector, is intended for the Ethernet environment, support the communication rate is as high as 10 billion bits per second. DSX series through the new adapter, can be connected to the M12 - equipped X connector wiring system, to start the validation and troubleshooting. Panduit senior product management and engineering manager Michael Verbeek said: 'as the leading industrial Ethernet cabling system suppliers, Panduit recognize its wiring system start testing requirements. Although the use of top-level components, customers and contractors in the installation process variables still may lead to intermittent network fault to the comprehensive network problems, resulting in abnormal downtime. During the deployment, installs wiring to meet industry standard certification, can reduce the startup time associated with wiring and to prevent costly downtime. 'Fluke Networks DSX CableAnalyzer series for industry leading wiring part of the certification system, the most widely support built-in wiring, including 8 categories, single and multiple mode fiber optic equipment and telecommunications industry association ( TIA) Standards, international standards organization ( ISO) As well as electrical and electronic engineers association ( IEEE) 。 DSX CableAnalyzer series has won the global more than 30 manufacturers, manufacturers have to use the installed system certification. DSX2- 5 - IE - K1 series can be through a simple pass/reject results, perform a large number of tests, has extensive diagnostic function, can reduce troubleshooting time. Fluke Networks, vice President and general manager, Walter Hock, said: 'the research shows that more than general industrial iot fault can be traced back to the wiring problems,' such as connectors, cables or shielding disconnect fault, vulnerable to electromagnetic interference or damp, do not conform to the specifications or cable is too long. DSX CableAnalyzer series now can ensure the machine before you start running, installed cable is suitable for the industrial Ethernet environment, or when a failure occurs fast debugging. 'Availability: DSX CableAnalyzer series of Fluke Networks M12 - X adapter has won a wide range of applications. Original source: fluke networks
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