FLuke DTX1800 the final version of the king of the classic V2. 74 software

by:FOT     2020-07-12
DTX - fluke networks 1800 since 10 years ago, has been sought after by the customer, the main reason is that the test speed is fast, and software version have been updated, but the V2. 74 version of the software was last updated, because the Fluke Networks ( The fluke networks) Companies have launched their new machine: DSX - 5000 CableAnalyzer cable certification analyzer, its more beyond DTX1800 test speed. Details: click to view. Used DTX1800 users know that the reliability of its quality is quite good, so in time, it also left us, as the king of the classic, we keep it the last software version V2. 74 as a memorial. This version V2. Amended the 74 software mainly in the following parts: new functions: 1, adding Korean deployment twisted-pair cable test limit 2, new LS cable system and the limits of a south Korean 3, update, add a cable manufacturer - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC corrects a bug: 1, 10 gbase - The SR OM1 optical cable equipment link in loss limit by 2. 5 db, corrections to 2. 4 db。 2、10GBASE- The SR repeat with OM3 OM4 limit in the limit of the revised the return loss and length. 3、10GBASE- LX4 length from 5000 meters to 10000 meters. 4、10GBASE- L length from 5000 meters to 10000 meters. About 10 gbase test length correction, fluke main sell the company as early as 08 to T3 terminal test found such questions. First because the test length of more than 6000 meters, and the limit value is only 5000 meters. But as the bottle update for future supply the more accurate according to the long distance test.
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