Fluke dtx1800 test question: the effects of temperature on attenuation

by:FOT     2020-07-14
We often get customers for fluke DTX - 1800 test of all kinds of questions, and the term 'attenuation' is also the most frequently asked, today we are going to talk about the influence of the temperature for cable attenuation. Cable attenuation by the length of the link, the influence of factors such as temperature, humidity. For six types of cables, the standard is specified, the working temperature of cable for 20 oc, within the scope of the 20 oc to 40 oc, temperature rise per 1 oc, the attenuation increases 0. 4%, between 40 oc to 60 oc, temperature rise per 1 oc, the attenuation increases 0. 6%. In fact cables in 40 oc attenuation will be 8% higher than 20 oc. So hot weather, long link, such as more than 80 m of the link, the attenuation test is usually a FAIL. Many engineering manufacturers hope to be able to at the time of integrated wiring system test some temperature compensation method of reducing unqualified caused by high temperature attenuation situation, improve the passing rate. In the ANSI/TIA/EIA - 568 - B before officially promulgated, integrated wiring system at the scene fluke DTX - Or DSX - 1800 5000 test is at the scene of the test instrument input temperature, compensate by calculation. But in practical application, the attenuation is a key parameter, its relationship to the final application will be to ensure that the strength of the signal receiver received enough when, so temperature compensation is not desirable. In the ANSI/TIA/EIA - 568 - B。 2 - 1 and to ISO/iec11801and: after 2002 officially promulgated, the field temperature compensation is no longer an acceptable solution. In order to ensure that the final channel attenuation performance, the only way is according to the site condition will be cut short a permanent link length accordingly. Specific can refer to the table below to calculate according to the field temperature should be how to adjust the permanent link length. The whole length of the channel, we assume that the longest when 20 oc for 90 m level link with 10 m users jump line. If due to the construction site must be longer than 80 m of the link, you need to co-ordinate with the landlord, explains the relationship between attenuation and length, temperature, and obtain the owner's understanding, accept the attenuation through the integrated wiring system test information point. But due to the attenuation of unqualified link in data transmission is very unstable, so should try to persuade the owner, or the link as the application of low speed data transmission or phone.
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