Fluke DSX8000 was the first real CAT8 tester

by:FOT     2020-07-15
We released a DSX - in early 2017 8000 CableAnalyzer, the Cat really in the first paragraph of the tester. You might ask, become a 'real' Cat 8 certified tester is there any requirement? Fluke networks why such tester now? First, in the actual application needs to interface adapter. That is to say, the tester needs to accord with the Cat 8 standard plug or socket, in order to connect to the cable under test. The adapter not only needs to support requirements of the measurement bandwidth, and to be strong and durable, easy to use. DSX - 8000 permanent link (attached Plug) And the channel ( Socket) Adapter, support Cat 8 bandwidth measurement, up to 2 GHz, accord with a standard to ask. To achieve this goal, we must develop a new type of measuring plug, together with the various structured cabling system manufacturers to test, to ensure that support interoperability standards. 'RJ - development channel adapters 45 'socket even more challenging, because we must collaborate with suppliers to develop the Cat 8 circuit board installed in the first paragraph of the socket in the world. Second, if you don't understand the requirement, especially the precision, it is impossible to produce a real Cat 8 tester. Tester may perform any measurement in any frequency, but it must be accurate and available. In the Cat TIA - 8 component performance After 568 standards, we turn our attention to the ANSI/TIA - again 1152 - A standard. Field tester precision requirements of the standard, as well as how to use the lab equipment for verification. The standard after November 11, 2016, our team of engineers started cooperation with Intertek, confirm the DSX - The accuracy of 8000. 天祥集团( Formerly known as ETL) For wiring system and the performance of the tester provides third-party certification. As of December 2016, which is less than two months later, Intertek certified, think DSX - 8000 does meet the Cat 8 new 2 g accuracy tester. This also means that DSX - 8000 certification from 3 to Cat Cat 8 each cable. Third, the installer on cable certification is one of the most important reason is have the guarantee of the manufacturer. This not only protects the installer, and ultimately provides additional value for customers. Manufacturers, however, does not admit of cable tester without their consent of the certification results. So we have the tester to the manufacturer's laboratory, the confirmation can satisfy the requirements. Up to now, there are nine manufacturers have recognized DSX - 8000, and more and more. If the installer DSX - came into use 8000 8 certification, the Cat will be able to provide customers with manufacturers guarantee. Technical factors three aspects above, making DSX - 8000 prove to be the first real Cat 8 field tester. With 25 years experience in cabling industry ( And close to 70 years of experience in test and measurement industry) After that, we the only way to satisfy the customer's development and provide complete, accord with a standard solution. This is DSX - 8000 is the world's first Cat 8 field tester is the real reason.
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