Fluke DSX - Methods 5000 software version upgrade

by:FOT     2020-07-07
Fluke networks ( 福禄克网络) The latest FLukeDSX - 5000 can improve the speed of copper certification, Cat 6 a and FA unparalleled level testing speed, and meet the most demanding precision standard IEC draft V level. Versiv platform support fiber optic equipment test module ( OLTS and OTDR) And when Ethernet Fi analysis and troubleshooting. The current model of the tester are: DSX - 5000,DSX- 5000Qi,DSX- 5000Mi。 Upgrade meaning: by upgrading can be replaced software version and the corresponding standard, so the importance of upgrading is self-evident. Even under the dispatch of network engineer tell unship DSX - for you 5000 software upgrade method. Step one: software installation. 1, a Fluke installed on the computer software Linkware Networks. Then install the software. ( Installation steps and common software) After, according to the good image as follows. The default for English. Software download: Linkware 9. 0. Zip normal after installation of the software interface. Language: 2, modify software for Chinese users may not used to English interface. We can select the options - 语言- - - - - - chinese( 简化) Step 2: the software to brush into the Fluke DSX - 5000 internal instrument. 1, download fluke DSX5000 software firmware ( The package) Address: http:///Soft/dsx5000_update_4. Rar2, instrument connected computers, boot. 3, open the Linkware management software. - open the application DSX CableAnalyzer - Software upgrade 4, in the event of a dialog box to choose to download the software of solid. Then the program will write DSX - 5000 the machine. Until to the interface, then DSX5000 automatically start the upgrade process. 5, equipment upgrade interface. 6, waiting for the update to complete, according to the prompt interface, Fluke Fluke DSX - Automatically update 5000 auxiliary connected hosts. More fluke DSX - 5000 software version upgrade, please watch the video.
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