Fluke DSX - Alternative DTX - 5000 product launches 1800

by:FOT     2020-07-14
Everett, Washington, June 24, 2015, Fluke Networks service history for 11 years, in 92 countries/regions with more than 1 billion certification link, is to stop producing the world's highest utilization rate of copper and fiber optic cabling DTX - authentication tools 1800 CableAnalyzer。 The successful launch in 2013 Versiv wiring and DSX - certification system After 5000 CableAnalyzer, most customers of the company has started from the DTX migrated to function more powerful and cost-effective DSX model, its sales is already the DTX seven times. Fluke Networks will stop in June 30, 2015 to accept the old version of the DTX orders, but will in the next three years at least provide calibration parts, service and support. Since debut, Versiv DSX has been widely accepted and highly praised, the characteristics of the customers think its time to save money is the main reason for their migration. 'With the aid of Versiv, we can spend more time on the project, and reduce the time of setting and troubleshooting', the System Tech, Inc. Area sales manager RCDD Dave Lawes said, 'by using multiple projects before heading to the site Settings and cable ID load tester, we significantly reduced the number of omission and error test report, take this can speed up the work progress, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction. 'In the life cycle, DTX achieve the title of many industry first, for example: the first provide external crosstalk test field tester, the first for the Cat 6 a permanent connection test lab certification test plug-in and the first fully compatible with ring type flux fiber optic equipment tester. DSX built on the basis of these advantages, can improve the value of the larger: upgrade to DSX customers can access the cloud based cable test project management service LinkWare Live. LinkWare Live can simplify the workflow, and in any smart mobile devices provide wiring certification project status. Using LinkWare Live, project managers can better understand and control the work site, ensure the wiring installation project finished on time, make customers more satisfied and fast payment. 'We used cable certification method is slow and requires a lot of artificial collaboration with the site and customers,' Extreme Packets, Inc. Vice President Dustan Buckley says, 'LinkWare Live would allow us to bypass many of the steps. 'DSX can provide many benefits for organizations, including: faster setting - DSX using Versiv ProjX management system to reduce the difficulty of setting. Including through LinkWare Live cloud services remote set tester and manage test results. Faster test - although DTX repeated testing speed records, but DSX in Cat 6 a is twice the speed, the fiber loss test application is four times the speed. Less rework work - whether profit depends on in the first time to do the things right. DSX can be set up through simple, monitoring, tracking, and to help technicians to complete the testing process system, thereby eliminating errors. Faster report - DSX use the same as the DTX LinkWare software, no learning curve. With LinkWare Live cloud services use collocation can get instant results, real-time reports and unlimited storage space. Focus on the future - as a member of the authentication system Versiv cabling, DSX now support measuring project in the future, such as TCL and resistance unbalance, and certification on the direction of two coaxial, standard or industrial Ethernet jumper. DSX modular design can let customer add new functionality, without having to buy new tester. For customers still use DTX, Fluke Networks are multiple market trading in promotional activities, designed to help those customers migrate to DSX. Customers should contact local distributor for more information. Relevant product cycles and DSX compared with that of the DTX information, please visit: http:///jszc/dsx5000_dtx1800. HTML on Fluke Fluke network Networks is a leading global network performance monitoring and diagnostic solutions provider, dedicated to simplify the problem solving process, ensure that the best end user experience - Even the internationalization of enterprises. The world's leading companies believe that Fluke Networks can help solve their most pressing problem, as well as in the security of WLAN, SaaS, mobility, unified communications and data center growing challenge. Company headquarters is located in Everett, Washington, the products sell well in more than 50 countries. About shenzhen even reached in 1998, belonging to the international group, 17 years dedicated to provide FLUKE FLUKE tester sales, network fault diagnosis and intelligent wiring products supply and test plan, project acceptance test and the test training services, etc. Is the fluke test industry and smart wiring leader in the industry, the world 500 strong enterprise services. '17 years reputation, 17 years of industry experience, 17 years of dedicated fluke network test technology'. As a FLUKE FLUKE tester in China is the most important sales platform, in 17 years is committed to providing customers with 'technical analysis, product selection, personnel training and after-sales service,' the integration of the system such as services, the development of the national 31 provinces nearly thousand agents, dealers and integrators to become regional and industry to build a nationwide sales and service network, provides the network testing solutions for 100000 customers.
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