Fluke Aircheck help Eastside who solve the WiFi problem from school

by:FOT     2020-07-16
Eastside who school is located in the beautiful east of Washington in Seattle, has 160000 square feet, in the school student 860 people, was built in 2008, the classroom using the latest technology and science laboratory. In and around the HP ProCurve switches and Meru access LAN technology. Through the Wi - more than 250 wireless equipment Fi connection. In the Eastside who school students and the staff is very like to use wireless access, however, the school's information technology managers ( Brad pritchett) Said: 'the wireless is a challenge. When will you are not sure what is the Wi - Fi problem ', he is currently the problems, including disturbance, the user is not able to connect, weak signal, intermittent access. Brad previously used to carrying his his laptop and special Wi - Fi software to solve. These days, brad can turn a fluke networks company AirCheck Wi - Fi Tester Tester in his carry-on bags. 'The AirCheck is much smaller than the notebook is more convenient to carry and easier to use. The user interface is very friendly and intuitive. You can always take him out, and you can start using it in five minutes. 'Detecting interference' AirCheck on the first day, you gave me a very good job, every time the students use the microwave oven, they kicked down the Wifi network. The AirCheck showed me how much noise, how many signals effectively. 'Brad said. When the Eastside who install the wireless network for the first time, all of the wireless access points are installed on the ceiling, in order to avoid students found to tamper with it. This means that Brad and his colleagues don't know the exact location of the access point. With the Aircheck in hand, they don't have to use a ladder to find one by one, waste a lot of the world. With a FLuke Aircheck positioning function, I can always go straight to the wireless access point AP by signal. One of the main trouble is not response links, there was a meeting room cannot connect, everyone is complaining about. Brad Ping test, he saw enough bandwidth, signal looks is also very good. Suddenly he saw a very high level of interference, he Aicheck track walk a circle, around the other side of the wall and found a microwave oven in the kitchen. Radio frequency shielding on the wall there is a choice, but it need expensive cost, so they suggest user to minimize use microwave oven. Brad used his laptop installation AirCheck manager software. Import the AirCheck data, it can generate PDF report, including the AirCheck configuration, access point, the use of the channel, as well as the connection details. 'If our other technicians use the Aircheck, I can through the notebook to see the whole session. I don't need to hear him repeat or impression. Through the use of a Fluke Aircheck we Eastside who school troubleshooting WiFi from a few hours to a few minutes, greatly shorten the time for troubleshooting, and we can immediately know the change of the wireless environment is in a position of signal intensity change? Whether there is interference in the region? How much is the signal-to-noise ratio? At the time of ping the error rate is how much? Can the client associated AP? Roaming to another area of the success of the client, it takes just a few minutes to run these tests, then you can print it out, and can be Shared with contractors and suppliers.
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