Flame detector type optical fiber flame detector how to install?

by:FOT     2020-06-20

general optical fiber in the power plant boiler and industrial boiler flame scanners and probe of the flame detector is separate, but some will be used on the boiler flame detector type optical fiber flame detector, which means fire detection optical fiber probe is one of the flame detector, with how so encounter this kind of optical fiber type flame detector installed?

with optical fiber flame detector device main flame detector is applied in fire detection sensor is difficult to directly detect to flame area, such as the four tangential firing boiler, W flame boiler, furnace wall, etc. , before and after the main installation components into the optical fiber devices, cooling pipe, pipe installation, etc. Installation of pipe welding in the furnace wall, into the optical fiber devices at a certain Angle welding in secondary bellows, fire can be set according to the point of view of the target detection optical fiber flame.

the boiler flame detector series

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