Flame detector at the ends of the fiber optic UR600 what connector is used for?

by:FOT     2020-06-21

often use or purchase fiber UR600 clients flame detector, ABB will fire inspection at the ends of the fiber optic UR600 fire inspection optical fiber connectors have deep impression! But you know it at the ends of the fiber connector of the flame detector is what?

ABB fiber flame detector UR600 fiber optic equipment bundle there metal fire inspection optical fiber connectors at both ends.

in the first place, the fire inspection at the ends of the fiber optic UR600 fire inspection has the characteristics of high temperature resistant fiber optic connectors, can effectively protect the flame detector fiber bundle;

second, is to facilitate the attachment with other fire detection system ( Such as optical fiber protection casing of the flame detector, fire detector probe, etc. ) Connected and fixed.

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