First are Fluke Fluke - thermal imaging a multi-meter 279 fc basic function test

by:FOT     2020-07-15
True RMS Fluke279 FC thermal imaging multimeter, this product will take the lead in fully functional true effective value ( trm) Digital multimeter ( DMM) And testing tools incorporated in the thermal imager, able to quickly troubleshoot failures. By DMM malfunction analysis problem and can easily, the two functions together, the engineers will be able to use less of equipment to solve routine problems, let's look at this is a what kind of multimeter! ! ! ! First sun is a considerate and thoughtful service, fluke provides us with a variety of plug, so you do not have to worry about in some places could not find the local charge, it also embodies the fluke as a multimeter manufacturers professional. Now it is time to look at the multimeter afforded me and it compares the fluke 17 b +, much bigger, mainly is to display the thermal imaging, so the big screen. In respect of function, the 279 fc include: ac/dc voltage, resistance, connectivity, capacitance, diode test, min/Max and frequency. Below we on the basic function of the test, we begin by measuring the ac voltage, look at how a result. First measurement results to measure the mains we don't do evaluation, because there is no instrument laboratory can again compared with the multimeter to the measurement of regulated power supply with the universal variable to the regulated power supply output 12 v voltage is measured, you can see 279 of high precision, and output values are consistent basically. Although the measurement of voltage source and the output value is consistent, but we still use a more precise measurement equipment for measuring, has compared the precision of the multimeter. Is used here to a reference device is agilent 34401 a, it can provide 6 1/2 digital resolution, 1000 readings per second and 15 PPM of basic dc accuracy. 34401 a is to meet your current and future needs of excellent performance, widely applicable DMMS, using two instruments on board 3. 3 v, 1。 8 v and 1. 3 v voltage measurements. 3. 3 v1。 8 v1。 3 v is the measured value of the two kinds of instrument, illustrates its resistance to measurement accuracy is very high. Down in the face of capacitance measurement, using it to a nominal value of 10 to measure the capacitance of the nf 5% accuracy I put it here, and the measured value of the 17 b + a comparison, 17 b + measurement value is 10. 31 nf, I don't know who this measured value more accurate. From the point of measurement results, 279 fc's performance has been pretty good, for multimeter basic functions, it has done almost acme. In evaluating the next time, I will extend the functionality of it: a wireless connection and thermal imaging technology to test, please look! Product purchase link: 0755 - 83999818, is now on sale!
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