Fiberlight miniature fiber optic lamp uv visible light source

by:FOT     2020-07-09

Fiberlight is for low power uv-vis spectral analysis for mobile and handheld devices, all types of design of compact ultraviolet visible light source.

Fiberlight complete system is part of the UV - Vis deuterium lamp light source, contains the pervious to light design, 0. 25 w tungsten lamp, shutter, light path system and SMA905 interface. All components are installed on the driven by 12 VDC / 600 ma power integrated circuit boards. Deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp and the shutter can be controlled by TTL signal independently.

after several years of research and development, starting in 2013 to provide 12 w high-energy fiber optic light, it was similar with double uv output energy and compact size. Higher output energy means that the integration time was shortened, and the corresponding faster, lower detection limit.

application laboratory: UV - Vis spectrum analysis environment: water quality monitoring, sewage, Marine chemistry, biometric process control independent light source spectral calibration

life and circulation work

Fiberlight deuterium lamp warranty work life over 1000 hours in a row. Driven by high frequency electrodeless discharge ( 联盟) , can be opened and closed according to the instructions, and can be circulation work; Fiber optic lamp holder of the circulation work extended to make it work for three years. As an electrodeless discharge lamps, light frequency not shorten its service life. In addition, the repeatability is extremely stable and consistent, between the pulse bias in 0. Less than 1%.

open and instantaneous moment stability

Fiberlight EDL is * can open and stable output instantaneous spectral moment of deuterium lamp; The characteristics of unique in the uv light source. Fiberlight, therefore, is an ideal light source analysis instrument to detect pollution, absorption spectra are measured in the test for several seconds, and the repeated measurement after long time interval. In this test, the Fiberlight only open in the short measurement time, and most of the time is off. No doubt, due to its repeatability between the pulse, so the measurement stability. Application

in order to measure of nitrate content in sewage, open Fiberlight 2 seconds, measuring the nitrate absorption spectrum, and repeated measurements every 60 seconds. Measuring stability and the service life of under the condition of this kind of work can take up to three years.

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