Fiber optic spectrometer related understanding

by:FOT     2020-06-19
Optical fiber spectrometer is a kind of used to detect the electromagnetic spectrum of optical characteristics of the specific area of the instrument. It collects the light, then the spectral dispersion, after will light signal reconstruction like for a series of monochromatic image, thus carries on the test. fiber optic equipment spectrometer is usually used as the signal coupling, coupling to the spectrometer will be metering spectral analysis. Due to the convenience of the fiber, the user can build spectrum acquisition system very flexible. The advantages of fiber optic spectrometer measuring system of modularization and flexibility. Basic configuration including a grating, a slot, and a detector. Spectrometer performance depends on the combination of these parts and calibration, the calibration after the fiber spectrometer, in principle, these parts can't have any change. ES - all elements 3800 a portable spectrometer using echelle, low dispersion prism element, aspheric aberration correction focus lens, high-performance CCD or ICCD detector, by software analysis function and built-in rich standard library restore the full spectrum curve of the spectrum, with high resolution, wide spectrum range, wide dynamic range, low detection limit, precision and stability reached the international level.
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