Fiber optic spectrometer malfunction inspection method is introduced

by:FOT     2020-06-29
Fiber optic spectrometer failure inspection method introduction fiber optic equipment spectrometer is also called the spectrometer, widely for cognitive for direct reading spectrometer. With photomultiplier tubes and other light detector measuring device for spectral line intensity of different wavelength position. It consists of a incident slit, a dispersion system, an imaging system and one or more of the exit slit. In dispersion element radiation sources of electromagnetic radiation wavelength or isolated need wavelength region, and on top of the selected wavelengths ( Or scan a band) To determine the strength. Fiber optic spectrometer can solve the problem of rapid measurement, avoid measurement error caused by environment and lighting and so on in the process of change. No mechanical moving parts, wavelength positioning on the photosensitive element number detector, so good repeatability, high precision, and has simple structure, small volume, light weight, low power consumption, is a kind of portable instruments. All the equipment operation is controlled by a microprocessor, the software is rich. Displays or modifies time; Manually or automatically find integration time, and display and modify the control mode and integration time; Averaging can be in 1 ~ 15 ask any choice; According to measurement data recorder; Computer by RS232 interface and communication; Computer screen drawing and print data table; Calculating integral; Calculates first derivative function, etc. Fiber optic spectrometer malfunction inspection: 1, inspection equipment and all accessories are connected to the power supply and plug from the socket. 2, ensure that fiber optic spectrometer ( If the supplementary power supply) Insert and get through, because there are different kinds, fiber optic spectrometer can refer to the instruction book of each laser for further assistance. 3, in two or more laser system, ensure the interlocking system Settings in the right place, right laser is connected. 4, check the instrument housing in a safe closed state, interlocking device is running. 5, if the above operation has been checked, you can prepare the spectrum test. Place the sample under the microscope, start the spectrum operating software, if you still cannot get the spectrum, check the following items. 6, ensure samples are correctly placed under a microscope, the sample was focused and irradiation samples in the correct position. When measuring often need to change different test area in order to avoid the sample is not pure may bring some unexpected results. 7, ensure correct laser irradiation on the samples, to ensure that the microscope aperture aperture correctly set and in the correct position ( The fiber optic spectrometer according to their own requirements of different brand processing) 。 8, check all fiber optic spectrometer software window Settings are correct.
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